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  1. I did that and it worked for like 2 weeks.
    This morning I tried to add a song and the same issue happened again.
    My account is still the creator account, idk what to do

  2. I followed these directions and it didn’t work for me. I also tried deleting and reinstalling IG and no luck again. Any other suggestions?

    1. Thank you, Alariana, for writing to us. If the solution provided here is not working for you, you can try some other solutions mentioned below-
      1. Please go to Instagram app info and clear cache first. If that doesn’t work clear Data and log in again.
      2. Reinstall the Instagram app
      3. If none of this works, please go to Instagram settings. From there, select ‘Help’ and select ‘Report a Problem’, Select ‘Report a problem’ again and explain your issue in detail, along with a screenshot of that specific problem. Instagram should fix the issue for you.