How to add Music to Instagram post?

How to add Music to Instagram post? 1

Instagram has always been image sharing website but recently they have added video support too. And now, you can add music to your post also. If you wanna share some photos or GIFs and share some emotions, adding suitable music to your photo will be special touch and can be shared with the appropriate audience with an emotional touch. Adding music to Instagram posts is now easy and you can do this for free. In this article, we will see how to add music to Instagram post from android, iOS, or computer.

The Instagram photo post shared with Music will get more engagement than only photos or GIFs. It is always good to share the image with emotions in the form of music or songs of your choice. Say you shared a Birthday photo, you can add the birthday music, thank you music, or celebration music that pops up differently and appeals to the user. You can use any music for free by searching for them in the library. If you don’t know how to add music to Instagram Post, you can read this guide to know the exact steps from your smartphone and computer.

How to Add Music to Instagram Post from Smartphone?

To add music to your new Instagram post, you need select a photo/capture a photo and then select the music from a music library from the list of songs. You can also search for your favorite song. Your new Instagram post can be added with music straight from your phone, here’s how –

  1. Open Instagram App on your Smartphone.
  2. Log in with your credentials if you haven’t logged in to your account.
  3. Then click on the Create icon ( + Icon) and then select the “Post” option.
  4. Select the Photo from the gallery or you can capture a photo from a Camera directly within the app.
  5. Now, select the filters or original photo then tap the Next arrow.
  6. Now you can see the final upload page, here, enter the captions and under Music Section, select the music of your choice.
    tap on add music option to add music to instagram post
  7. You can also select from trending music or Search for your favorite music.
  8. Tap on the music name to select it. All the music is free of cost and there is no copyright notice for the music selected from Instagram App.
  9. On the song selection, select the clip from the song to select it. You can drag the selector left and right and choose the start and endpoint of the song to be played.
    select song duration and add song to instagram post
  10. The default duration of the music is 30 seconds long. You can change the duration of the song up to 90 seconds by tapping on the digits shown on the song selection screen.
  11. Finally, tap on Right Icon in the top right corner to save the changes.
  12. Again tap on the Right Icon to post the photo on Instagram.

Its doe! You have a photo with Music Now posted on your walls. You can also see who saved or shared your post via Insights.

How to Add music to the already posted photos on Instagram?

DO you want to add music to a photo that is already posted on your wall? Although you can edit the post on Instagram, edit the caption, Add location, etc you cant add music to the post. There is no way to add music to the already posted photos on Instagram. You may create a new photo and add music with it.

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How to add music to videos on Instagram?

Posting a video on Feed with Music is not possible currently. However you can add music to a reel or stories via the inbuilt editor, there is no option to add music to a video with a length of more than 60 seconds. You can use the third-party apps available on App Store/ Play Store to add music to the video and then upload it to Instagram.

How to Add Music to Instagram Post from Computer?

As we already know that the website version of Instagram, does not allow us to post reels or stories on Instagram. You can post the photos or videos from a computer, but can’t add music to the photo. There is no option to add music to the photo.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adding music to Instagram Post –

1. Why can’t I add music to Instagram post?

Not All the regions allow us to add music to Instagram post. Due to privacy policies in certain regions, the feature is not available that lets you add music to Instagram post. It is also possible that you are using an old version of the Instagram app and you need to update the app from the Play store / App store.

2. How do you add music to Instagram story with pictures?

You can easily add music to your Instagram story from a built-in editor. While creating a swipe up on the screen and select the Music option. Then select the music from the library. You can also select to add a lyrics text.

3. How do you make a video with pictures and music on Instagram?

Currently, there is no feature to add music to a video upload on your feed. You may use a third-party app to add background music to the video and then upload it to Instagram.


Adding Music to an Instagram post makes it pop out and helps increase the reach of the post. We have seen easy steps on how to add music to Instagram Post. Do let us know if you have any Instagram-related queries/problems.