How to save Instagram Reels in Gallery with Music? [With and without 3rd party Apps]

How to save Instagram reels in gallery with music

This article will teach you how to save Instagram Reels in Gallery with Music so that you can share them with your friends or family via other platforms.

We all love using Instagram. It’s a great platform to share our favorite moments with our friends and family stylishly and most conveniently. The various filters and editing choices it offers to enhance your pictures to the next levels. Because of this simplicity and convenience, Instagram has become so huge that it sits with a whopping one billion-plus active users. It now provides entertainment to billions and a source of income to thousands of creators and influencers.

But with fast-moving technologies, our means of sharing memories have also changed. People nowadays like to share short clips of their happy moments with the world in the form of a video. One such platform that offers this feature is TikTok. It has become very successful with sharing 15 to 30 seconds short videos. So, to add to this experience and following the success of apps like TikTok, Instagram has launched its own short video sharing feature called Reels. It’s embedded in Instagram itself. With its already huge user base and following the Ban of TikTok in many counties like India, Reels caught people’s attention too quickly and is now one of the most successful short video sharing platforms.

Some days ago, It was raining, and I traveled on a train. I was sitting next to a window, and the view outside was too beautiful. I wanted to share the experience with my friends. So I decided to make a short video on Reels keeping a beautiful song as background music. I posted it on my timeline and decided to post it on my Whatsapp status as well. But then I noticed Instagram wouldn’t let you save the Video on your Gallery with the background music. After a bit of research, I figured out how you can do that, and here I am writing an article about it to help my fellow Reel users.

So, let’s learn how to save Instagram reels in Gallery with Music so that you can share them with your friends or family via other platforms. I will also share a trick to know how to save your Instagram Reels in Gallery without posting and with audio at the end of this article.

How to save Instagram reels in Gallery with Music?

There are several ways how to save Instagram reels in Gallery with Music. I will share two tried and tested ways. One of them requires a 3rd party app, and the other doesn’t require using any apps; all you need is your browser. Let’s start with the latter-

A] How to save Instagram Reels in Gallery with Music without any 3rd party App?

NOTE: This method requires you to have your Instagram account set to Public, and the videos downloaded using this method sometimes might be a little compressed than the original one.

This is the simplest way to download your reel videos with Music. All you require is your preferred browser. Let’s start-

  1. Open your preferred browser and visit the website.
  2. Now, go to the Reel video you want to download and Copy the video URL link from the three-dot menu.
  3. Now Paste the video Url on the website and hit the ‘Download’ button.
  4. This will process the Video and give you a download link. Click on the Download Button, and your Video will be saved in your Gallery.
    paste url click on download

So this was the simplest method to download Reel videos with Music. Now let’s move on to another method involving a 3rd party app. We really don’t recommend that you use 3rd party apps for downloading Reel videos because they are filled with annoying ads, and they pop up every few seconds. We tried many of them before writing this article and short-listed two apps with considerably fewer ads. One for Android users and one for iPhone users. Let’s get started.

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B] How to save Instagram Reels in Gallery with Music using a 3rd party App on Android?

The App we are going to use is called “Story Saver, Reels, Video Downloader for Instagram” You can download it using the link below-

Insta Saver app for android

Insta Downloader

  1. Now, open the Reel video you want to download and copy the URL using the three-dot menu.
  2. Now Open the Insta Downloader App, and your link will be auto-posted on the App, and the video should start downloading. If it doesn’t happen automatically, paste the link you’ve copied and click on the download button.
  3. It should start downloading, and you can find the Video in the gallery app. Otherwise, browse to the below-mentioned location to find your Video.

You can also use this to download any videos from Instagram other than Reels as well. But to download videos from a private account, you should be logged in to your Instagram account within the App itself, which we really don’t recommend. Now let’s move on to our iOS counterpart.

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C] How to save Instagram Reels in Gallery with Music using 3rd party App on iPhones?

There is only one App you can use to download Reel videos on Instagram, and it works like a charm. The App is called Insaver For Instagram. Download it using the link below-

Insaver for Instagram

InSaver For Instagram

  1. To download the Reel video, first, go to Instagram and copy the video URL from the three-dot menu.
  2. Now, open the Insaver for Instagram app you’ve downloaded earlier. The App should automatically detect the Video whose link you’ve just copied.
  3. Tap on Watch it.
    Tap on watch it
  4. While the video is playing, tap on Options from the bottom right corner and then select Share.
    Tap on share
  5. You might get an ad at this point. Close it, and you’ll have the option to Save Video. Tap on it, and you’ll find the Video in your Gallery. ( If you really don’t like ads, the App has an option to remove ads by paying a small amount).
    Tap on save video

That’s how you download Reel videos on your iPhone.

As you saw, most of the Android and iPhone 3rd party apps are filled with ads. If you hate ads and find them irritating, you can use an excellent app for Android and iPhones by paying a small amount for an annual subscription. Let’s find out about it.

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D] How to save Instagram Reels in Gallery with Music using Preview App on Android and iPhones?

Note: The app we are going to discuss is not free to use. you need to have an annual subscription to Use the app and its various features.

The App we are talking about is called Preview for Instagram. It’s a full-fledged Instagram planner. The App has lots of features- let’s discuss some of them.

They provide all these features in two plans Pro and Premium. Pro is Available for $7.99/Month or $79.99/Year, and Premium is available for $14.99/Month and $149/Year. You will get two months extra absolutely free if you purchase any of these packages. We have attached screenshots below, which describes the features you’ll get-

We will be using its Repost feature to download our Reel videos among all the app features. Here’s how-

How to use the Repost feature of the Preview App to Download Reel videos?

Before we proceed, you need to download the App and subscribe to any of its Subscription plans. We’ve provided links to download the App below-

Preview App For Android Preview App For iPhones

  • Step1: Open the Preview App and go to the Reels Tab. Now Press the + sign button on the top right corner.
    Go to reels tab and tap the plus button
  • Step2: Click on Repost.
    Tap on Repost
  • Step3: Click on the Instagram icon in the top left corner.
    Tap on the Instagram icon
  • Step4: Now switch to your Instagram, find the Reel you wanted to download, and copy the URL of that Reel.
  • Step5: Now open the Preview app again, and you’ll find the Video appear on the screen. Click Done from the top right corner, and your Reel video will appear on the App in the Reels tab.
  • Step6: Now, to save the Reel video on your Gallery, select it and press the Share button. This will save the Video on your Gallery.

Now you might be thinking, Why use the Preview app to save Reel videos when you can ideally use any of the above-mentioned free methods to do the same? Here is why-

???? The pros of using the Preview app to download Reels:

  • You can download the original Video without any compression and original quality.
  • You can save it with the original Music.
  • Suitable for all Reels videos.
  • You can keep the original cover image (or change it) within the App
  • The caption, hashtags, and username are automatically copied, which helps if you are reposting and want to give credits.
  • You can find Instagram Reels hashtags within the App
  • Schedule for later.
  • Save the Reels videos in the App and post them later
  • You can rearrange the order of your Reels drafts
  • Last but not least, it has Zero ads.

Now, as promised at the beginning of this article, let’s learn How to Save Instagram Reels in Gallery With Music and Without Posting-

How to Save Instagram Reels in Gallery With Music and Without Posting?

Sometimes you casually record a Reel video but don’t want to post it on your profile, or you want to post it somewhere else, say, for example, on your WhatsApp status. In this case, it would’ve been great if you could download the Video without posting it. But unfortunately, there are no ways you can download it without posting. Instagram doesn’t allow you to do that. So the trick is to use a secondary account. Just have a simple account that you can use for this purpose only. Create the video and post it on that account, and using any of the methods mentioned above, you can download that Video after posting it on your other Instagram account.

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This concluded our article on how to save Instagram Reels in Gallery with Music. We’ve tried to include every possible method available. But if you still can’t find a way to download, feel free to drop a comment below, and one of us will assist you. In the meantime, you can read our other article related to Reels from below-