How to Delete Multiple Followers on Instagram? [2 Easy methods]

Instagram is fun, but what if someone runs a bot on your profile? Or are you too particular about your privacy and don’t want random people to follow you?

How to Delete Multiple Followers on Instagram

In that case, you need to read the guide where you can learn how to delete multiple followers on Instagram. Yes, you read it right.

And this is the guide you’re looking for. Here, we are going to share two 100% working methods via which you can easily delete as many followers as you want on Instagram without spending a single penny. So let us take a look at the same.

How to delete multiple followers on Instagram?

There are two methods majorly available. The first is the manual method and the other is a Bulk removing method using a software/tool. We will see both the methods in detail –

Method 1 – How to delete multiple followers on Instagram manually?

Although this method is not a time-savvy one, removing your Instagram followers manually is your only savior if you are not looking for a method that requires a third-party tool.

We recommend this method if you aim to delete around 20-30 followers and you have some time to invest. However, if you have more to remove, it would be a tiresome job.

Thus, if you aim to remove only a few followers without being too random, then the following method is for you.

  1. First, you need to open your Instagram app.
  2. Now tap on the profile icon.
  3. Go to followers. You can see the number of people following you above.
  4. Once you tap there, the whole follower’s list will show up.
  5. Now you can simply search for the follower you wish to followers to remove from the list
  6. The moment the follower shows up on your screen, you can tap on the remove on remove button to remove instagram follower
  7. Now to confirm your action, tap again, and it’s done.
  8. And that’s it.

You can simply remove your other followers instantly by repeating the steps.

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Method 2 – How to delete multiple followers on Instagram via a third-party app

As said above, deleting your Instagram followers manually is going to be a tiresome task, and that’s why we are sharing another method that helps in deleting multiple followers on Instagram in a single shot. There are many third-party applications available for iOS and Android users via which they can easily delete multiple followers in a go.

Although there are many, we are here to show you how to delete multiple Instagram followers using Cleaner for the Instagram app.

The app is not only useful for removing your Instagram followers. Still, it can also mass block or unblock people, detects and remove inactive profiles, and mass delete posts and unlike videos that you have liked previously in a jiffy. Although the app has a paid version available with extra features, you can simply use the free version to remove your multiple Instagram followers free of cost.

Cleaner for Instagram is available in the app store and play store, both for free of cost. Once you download the app from your respective app stores, then follow the given method-

  1. First, install the Cleaner for Instagram app and open it.cleaner for ig app
  2. Use your Instagram credentials and log in via the app.
  3. Now tap on the follower’s list.list of ig followers
  4. You can now see all the people following you.
  5. If you want to delete a few followers, select those followers. If you want to delete all, you can tap on select multiple followers to remove
  6. Now tap on Confirm to delete your followers.
  7. And it’s done. You have successfully deleted multiple followers on Instagram.

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FAQ on How to delete multiple followers on Instagram –

1. How can I delete multiple followers on Instagram for free?

Answer – We have shared two methods via which you can easily delete multiple followers on Instagram without paying any additional cost.

2. Will my followers get notified if I remove them?

Answer – No, none of your followers will get notified if you remove them from your follower list. Instagram has this privacy feature available for all users.

3. Will they still be able to see my posts even after I remove them?

Answer – This answer entirely depends on your profile type. If your profile is public, they will still be able to see your profile, like your posts, etc. however, if your profile is a private profile on Instagram, they will not be able to see any of your posts, stories, reels, etc.

4. Is using a third-party app safe?

Answer – Yes, although Instagram does not promote or encourage users to use any third-party tool for removing followers, using some of the tools, such as Cleaner for Instagram, is 100% safe and legitimate.

Wrapping up

These were the two legit methods via which one can easily learn how to delete multiple followers on Instagram without any hassle or privacy issues. However, if you are looking for mass deleting in one shot and Cleaner for Instagram isn’t working well for you, then you can also try other Instagram followers’ removal tools for both iOS and android for free of cost. There are plenty of them available.

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