How to Upload Videos to Instagram from PC? [2 easy and free methods]

This article will discuss how to upload videos to Instagram from PC using two straightforward and simple methods. Both methods described here are free to use without paying anything.

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 1 billion monthly active users. It has become an integral part of our lives. Over the years, apart from sharing cute pictures with a caption and hashtags, Instagram has also become an essential tool for many businesses and content creators. However, despite enjoying this huge popularity, Instagram has mostly limited itself to smartphones only. Sure, you can browse your Instagram feeds and reply to DMs using a computer, but as of now, Instagram doesn’t allow you to post pictures or videos using your PC.

Imagine you are a content creator, and you edit your videos on a high-end PC before uploading them to Instagram. How cool it would be if Instagram allowed posting those videos directly from that PC itself using a browser instead of transferring it to your smartphone every time. So it would be nice if Instagram actually created a really cool way of doing this, which everyone could access instead of making us use our smartphones. But they haven’t done that yet. At least not for all the users.

But when there is a problem, there is a solution too. There are two workarounds or solutions to this problem. So, here in this article, we will learn how to upload videos to Instagram from PC in two easy and free methods. let’s learn how you can do that –

How to upload videos to Instagram from PC?

Out of these two methods of how to upload videos to Instagram from PC. The first method involves your PC, your smartphone, and a bit of Facebook.

Method 1: How to upload videos to Instagram from PC using a Business account?

To do this, you need to have a business account on Instagram. Considering you don’t have one, let’s learn how to switch to an Instagram business account from the below-mentioned steps. We are going to have to use our phone at the beginning.

A] Switch to a Business Account on Instagram –

  1. Open Instagram on your smartphone and go to your profile. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner, and tap on Settings from the on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner, and tap on Settings from the bottom
  2. From the settings panel, tap on Accounts and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the Switch Account Type option and tap on it. When given the option between creator and business, tap on Switch to Business Account.from the settings page of instagram, select accounts tap on switch account type to switch to a business account
  3. Next, connect your Instagram business profile to an existing Facebook Page or create a new Facebook Page. Review your business contact information on the next page and tap Done.

NOTE: Your personal instagram profile must be set to Public if you want to switch to a business account.

Now that you’ve chosen an Instagram Business Account, the smartphone part of this guide is over. Now you can put down your mobile phone and jump into the computer, and we can show you how to upload videos to Instagram from PC.

B] How to Upload videos to Instagram from PC?

Now let’s get into the actual steps of how to upload videos to Instagram from PC.

  1. Open any browser you like on your PC and search for Instagram Creator Studio using Google search. From the first result, click on Instagram login, or if you are reading this guide on a PC, click here.
  2. If you are using Facebook to log in to your Instagram account, You’ll be first redirected to Facebook Creator Studio. Still, you can quickly switch to Instagram Creator Studio by clicking on the Instagram icon from the top. On the Instagram Creator Studio Page, Click on Connect Your Account and then click on connect your account and click on instagram icon to switch

    NOTE: You only need to do this if you’ve never logged into your Instagram from your PC. Otherwise, please ignore Step 2

  3. After logging in, on the left-hand side of this page, you’re going to see lots of different options. From here, click on Create Post option from the top. You’ll get two options here, Instagram feed and IGTV. If the video you’re going to upload is only 3-60 seconds long, click on the Instagram Feed option. Otherwise, click on IGTV. Creating a post in both these options is identical.Click on create post and select instagram feed or IGTV option
  4. After clicking on either of these options, another window will appear on the right-hand side. This window is similar to what you see on your phone but with fewer features. Here, you’ll find options like writing captions with a hashtag and emojis and adding locations. Finally, click on the +Add content button and make sure to select From file Upload option.add content button to upload videos to your instagram from PC
  5. After that, you’ll have to choose the video file you want to upload. Select the video from where it is located on your PC and open it up. This will load the video in the window. Here you’ll also find the option to tag people on your Post if you like. Now click on Publish button to upload your video to Instagram. You can also upload the same video on the Facebook page linked to your Instagram business account using the Post to Facebook option. click on publish and post to facebook button

So this was the first method of how to upload videos to Instagram from PC. It’s the only official method available if you want to upload videos to Instagram from PC. Even though it’s a viable solution, its features are limited, and you don’t have many options that you can click between. There is another method to upload videos to Instagram from PC, but that requires a third-party application. Let’s discuss it below-

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Method 2: How to upload videos to Instagram from PC using Greatly Social?

The application is called Greatly Social. It’s a brilliant app that lets you take care of Instagram and all the other social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube, etc. With this app, you can upload videos to Instagram from PC, stitch multiple photos in one Post, schedule all your posts. Before we start using the app, let’s discuss some of the key features of this app –

Key Features of Greatly Social

  • It’s Free –
    Greatly Social is a free app to use if you plan to use the basic Free Plan.
  • Saves Time –
    It’s quick and easy compared to what we’ve discussed in the first method.
  • Specific Date & Time Posting –
    Select your date, time, or whenever you want to publish on each of your social accounts.
  • Analytics on your Posts –
    Have access to a dashboard that will show you analytics of your posts that have been successful, failed, or completed.
  • All Your Accounts in One –
    Its centralized hub will allow you to control all your social media accounts in one app.
  • Safe & Secure –
    All data is securely encrypted in its system. No data is shared or sold to third parties.
  • Supports Cloud –
    You can use its service anywhere! Everything is fully functional on all web browsers—import content from Google Drive or DropBox.

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How to Upload videos to Instagram from PC using Greatly Social?

  1. Open whichever browser you like on your PC and visit the website –
  2. To use this application, the first thing you need to do is sign up. Click on the Start For Free Today! or Sign Up button. Fill in all the details like your name, email, password, time zone, etc. After signing up, log in with your account credentials, and you’ll be redirected to the website’s on start for freee today or sign up button
  3. Step 3: Here, on the left-hand side panel, you’ll find different social media platforms, including Instagram. Click on Instagram, and connect your account using your username/email and password.add instagram account on greately social
  4. This is going to open up your option to post. You can see your username on the right-hand side. Make sure it is selected before you start posting. On the Timeline tab, click on the upload button located between the file manager and drive button. Now you’ll have to choose the video file you want to upload. Select the video from where it is located on your PC and open it up.
  5. After the video loads on the window, you’ll have options to add a caption. If you click on the Advanced option, you’ll also find the option to add your location along with the first comment on the Post. Now schedule your Post whenever you like and click on the Post Now/Schedule post button to upload videos to Instagram from PC.

post now from greatly socialConclusion

So, this was our second method on How to upload videos to Instagram from PC guide. Greatly Social is a brilliant app to use when you need to upload videos to Instagram from PC. But from last year, they’ve drastically limited the allowed file size to upload. They only allow videos and photos up to 2 MBs on their Free Plan. But if you are a serious Instagram user or a business profile, you might consider upgrading to their premium plans. It’s the best way to upload videos to Instagram from PC with tons of cool features.

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