How to see someone’s Instagram activity? [Find all 6 activities easily]

Do you also want to know what your friends are doing over Instagram? Instagram has limited the extent to which people can view others’ Instagram activity. We will learn how to see someone’s Instagram activity in easy steps.

Do you also want to know what your friends are doing over Instagram? We will learn how to see someone's Instagram activity in easy steps.

Instagram activities involve the last time people opened Instagram, tagged in the post, or shared a story over their profile. You can see these Instagram activities for people you follow.

Earlier, you were able to see posts that other people are liking or accounts people are following. But now, you can only see the posts they have liked, provided you are following the same account.

How to See Someone’s Instagram Activity?

Here are other steps through which you can see someone’s Instagram activity. Although some of these methods are generic and you need to do a trial and error guesswork to find someone’s activity on Instagram.

1) Following List

Checking Following Lists

The first thing in how to see someone’s Instagram activity is to see their followers. You can view which accounts people have followed recently. You can see the follower list of people you follow or people with public accounts. You can’t see the follower list of people who have a private account, and you don’t follow them.

Here is how you can see the accounts people have followed recently:

  1. Open the profile of people you want to check the activity
  2. Click on the following tab present above the
  3. It shows the list of accounts your friend is following
  4. The list is sorted by default showing the accounts people interact with the most on the top. You can change the sorting to see the list of accounts in a specific order.
  5. You can tap sort is recent to see the accounts your friend has recently followed.

2) Recent Post Liking

Recently Liked Posts

Earlier, you can directly view which posts your friends have liked recently in the Activity tab. But after updates, there is no activity tab on Instagram. Now you cannot directly view what posts your friends are liking.

But you can see their liked posts if you follow the same account.

Here is how you can see the recent posts liked by your friends on Instagram:

  1. Open your Instagram feed and scroll for the common account posts
  2. You can see the name of your friends in the likes section if they have also liked the same Instagram post.
  3. You can even sometimes see their comments on the account posts.

To check the recent posts liked by your friend, you both need to follow the same accounts on Instagram.

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3) Recent Posted Posts

see Profile activity by user

On Instagram, you can view older and recent posts made by your friend. If you follow your friend’s account on Instagram, you can see their recent posts in your feed.

Once you start following a person’s account on Instagram, you will be able to see their posts in your Instagram feed. Besides this, you can also view a person’s posts through their profile page.

Here are the steps that you can follow to view an account’s posts:

  1. Search their profile name in the search option
  2. Visit their profile by clicking on their name
  3. You will be able to see all their recent posts at the top of the profile
  4. You can see their older posts by scrolling down on their profile page.

4) Recent Stories

see Stories highlights made by user

The most important part of how to see someone’s Instagram activity is to check recent stories. On Instagram, people can share glimpses of their life and activities in stories. Stories are present on a person’s profile for only 24 hours. However, the account owner has the feature to either remove it before 24 hours or add it to highlights.

You can view a person’s story if they have shared it with all their followers. If your friend has shared the story for the closed friend’s list and you are not on that list, you will not be able to see their story.

To see a friends story shared for all the followers, here are the steps:

  1. You can tap on the profile icon in the story menu on your profile feed. The stories are present on the top bar.
  2. You can visit the person’s account and then watch the stories and highlights shared by them on their profile.

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5) Last Online Activity

see Active status of someone on Instagram

Instagram’s updates have enabled people to see when the other person was last online. It shows the active icon if the person is online or the last active time.

You can open the person’s chat on Instagram and then see the last time the person was online. Although, if the person has disabled this option in their privacy settings, you will not be able to view it.

6) Recently Tagged Photos

see recently Tagged photo by someone on Instagram

Instagram allows you to tag other people while you post a photo. The tagged post appears on both people’s profiles. They appear on different sections of both profiles.

Here are the steps to see the posts your friend has been tagged in:

  1. Visit the profile of your friend
  2. Tap on the fourth icon on the profile grid (Human Symbol icon)
  3. In this grid, you can see all the tagged posts of your friend.

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Conclusion –

Instagram removed the direct way to monitor the activities of other persons. There are a lot of other ways to see someone’s Instagram activity. You can view the posts liked by others, videos liked by others, and even stories shared by others.

You can follow the different steps mentioned here on how to see someone’s Instagram activity. Make sure you follow the person’s account to see their activities on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions on seeing someone’s Instagram Activity?

Can you see someone's Instagram activity?

There are many activities which can be tracked on Instagram. You can see what they follow, like, post, share, tag etc by different methods which we have discussed in this guide.

How do you see what someone has liked on Instagram?

Yes, you can see what they liked on Instagram. We have shared method to see their liked posts.

Why has Instagram removed following activity?

Because of the privacy concerns, Instagram had to stop showing following activity. Now you cannot see the follow activity by someone.

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