Why Do My Instagram Reels Have No Sound?[1 Simple Solution]

This article tries to answer the question, “Why do my Instagram Reels have no sound?” This is a problem related to audio disappearing from a Reel video after some days of uploading it on Instagram Reels.

Why do my Instagram Reels have no sound

As we all know, Instagram has come up with a new feature called Instagram Reels recently. It’s a short video sharing feature where you make short multi-clip videos max up to 30 seconds with different Audio and visual effects. Since short video sharing is on a whole new trend right now, especially after app like Tik-Tok blew up, no wonder Instagram’s decision to launch this new short video sharing platform, Reels worked so well, and it was accepted instantly. Instagram’s already huge 1 billion userbases also helped, and it became a massive success overnight. So many popular creators from other similar platforms jumped on the bandwagon to join Reels.

One of my friends, who is also an amazing dancer, tried making short videos on Reels and slowly started getting some attention. But she is not much a tech-savvy person, so I help her from time to time troubleshooting the technical problems she faces while making videos using Reels. The last time she was having some trouble saving Audio on Instagram for making new videos where the save audio button suddenly disappeared from her Reel’s Audio section. I researched, found out the solution, and fixed it for her. We have also covered the topic here if you are facing such issues. If you are interested, you can read from the link below-

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This time she got another problem. So she called one day and asked me, “Why do my Instagram Reels have no sound?” When asked to elaborate on the issue in detail, she explained that the Audio from her Reel videos disappears after a few days of uploading. At first, I thought it was a technical glitch of either Instagram or her phone. So I provided her the essential solutions which fix most of the minor technical glitches, for example-

  1. Restarting your phone
  2. Checking the date and time
  3. Force closing the Instagram app from the app info
  4. Clearing cache as well as data
  5. Re-login after logging out
  6. Updating the Instagram app
  7. Reinstalling Instagram app
  8. Turing off the power-saving mode of the phone, etc.

But none of the solutions worked. It was a weird problem. It was certainly not a technical glitch. So I dig deep, contacted Instagram, and researched on the internet for solutions. And it turned out that I was right. It wasn’t a technical glitch or error but a simple mistake from her side. We are going to discuss that in a short while.

Meanwhile, let me remind you if you ever get stuck on any technical glitch or error, please try the solutions mentioned above. These are the basic solutions that help troubleshoot most of the errors found in any android or iOS Apps. Having said that, let’s discuss the question- “Why do my Instagram Reels have no sound?”

Why do my Instagram Reels have no sound?


Instagram Reels have tons of features. You can add various visual effects, slow down or fast forward videos, add existing Music, use Audio from different creators and make your custom music. The videos are only 15-30 seconds long, which falls under the fair usage policy. This means you don’t get copyright claims on your videos for using non-copyright-free Music. That’s why you are free to use any part of any music for your videos. Many creators make custom music for their videos from an existing song or album, and once you create Music, Instagram recognizes it as Original Audio.

That’s where the catch comes in. Once Instagram recognizes a song as Original Audio and associates it with the creator, you won’t be able to save the video on your device with the Music included. Although there are ways to download the Instagram Reel videos in your gallery with Music but the official Instagram app doesn’t support that and won’t let you. Still, if you are interested in doing so, we’ve written a comprehensive guide on how to do exactly that. You can read it from below.

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And this bizarre policy of Instagram is the root cause of the problem we are discussing, which is- “Why do my Instagram Reels have no sound?”. What happens is, if one creator has made custom audio and it is yet to be recognized by Instagram, you can create your own video using the Audio, and Instagram will also allow you to save the video on your gallery with that Audio. Now, if you decide to upload that video on your Reels directly from your gallery, the Audio of that Reel video will disappear after some days of uploading.

This happens because Instagram cannot recognize that song from its own library as they’ve yet to recognize that song and associate it with the original creator. That’s exactly what happened to my friend. She uploaded some of her Reel videos from her gallery itself. Initially, the videos worked fine, but when she decided to revisit her old videos after some days, some of her videos had no audio. So, what’s the solution to this problem? Let’s discuss this in the next section.

How to Fix “Why do my Instagram Reels have no sound?”

The solution to this problem is straightforward. Don’t upload such videos directly from your gallery. Use the Instagram Reel drafts feature(Screenshot Below). Once you finish making a video, even if you are allowed to download it with Music into your gallery, don’t post it directly from the gallery; make sure to post it from the Draft section instead of uploading it from your gallery itself.

Instagram Reel Draft

The Audio returns eventually once Instagram recognizes the Music, but who knows how long it may take. Sometimes Instagram takes months to recognize the song in its library. And as an Instagram Reel creator, the last thing you want is to have videos lying around in your profile with no audio. So it’s better to be cautious and upload from the app itself.


So this concluded our today’s article. We hope we were able to answer your question, “Why do my Instagram Reels have no sound?” If you have any other issues or problems related to Instagram or anything related to tech, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. This helps us motivate and give new ideas to solve your problems. Your feedback is precious to us.

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  1. I created a reel a couple of days back. Audio worked fine. If I pick the use as template option it works fine. I can watch reels using the same audio as well. However mine keeps showing This song is currently unavailable. As I see it on other reels and can create a new one using it I’m pretty sure it is available .

  2. I used the audio from Instagram Music library, still the audio disappeared on my Reel the next day, even though there were several Reels that worked on the same audio.

  3. I created a reels with an original audio, it worked for 2 days and today I revisited and it turns out that audio has been removed… first time it happened to me. Is this because the owner of the audio removed the clip?

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