How to see who saved your Instagram post?

Since our website has a dedicated section for Instagram, “How to see who saved your Instagram Post?” is a question we get many times. While we absolutely love helping our users, and we go the extra mile to find a solution to your unique problems, unfortunately, this particular question has no official solution. Due to Instagram’s privacy policy, there is no way to know exactly who saved your Instagram post. However, there is a way to know the number of times different Instagram users have saved your post.

How to see who saved your instagram post

If you are a content creator on Instagram or have a business that you promote using Instagram, tracking the number of Saves your post generated is more important than knowing exactly who saved your post. The save count of your posts means a lot more than the likes or comments you get on that post because it means someone not only liked that post but wants to refer back to it or share it with friends later. So let’s find out how-

How to see who saved your Instagram post?

To check the number of times, your post gets saved by Instagram users; you need to have a Business Account or a Creator Account. So if you are currently using a personal account on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is change your account type to one of the two mentioned earlier. here is how you can do that-

Change Instagram account to Creator Account?

Instagram has a feature called Insights, where it stores the activities and interactions with your posts. Here you can see how many likes, comments, shares, or number of Saves your post has generated. You can access this feature only through a business or creator account. So if you are using a Personal account, you have to change your account type first. Below is the step by step guide to changing your account type-

  1. Open Instagram on your smartphone and go to your Profile. Click on the three horizontal lines  at the top right corner, and tap on Settings from the bottom. go to settings
  2. From the settings panel, tap on Accounts and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the Switch Account Type option and tap on Account option from insta settings
  3. Now, you’ll find the option to switch to a Business Account or a Creator Account. Choose according to your preference. You can check the number of saves using any of these two. tap on switch account type to switch to a business account

Now since you’ve changed your account type, let’s move on to the next section.

How Many Times Your Post Has Been Saved?

Now let’s see how many saves your posts have generated till now. To check that-

  1. Go to your profile and browse your Posts.
  2. Tap on the post you want to check the view count.
  3. Below the post, you will see a banner called View Insights. Tap on it.tap on view Insights
  4. A banner shows you how many likes, comments, shares, or number of Saves your post has generated. save count

So this is how you check the save counts on your posts. Unfortunately, we couldn’t answer the exact question “how to see who saved your Instagram post?” this time around, but if we find a way to do that in the future, we will update this article. Similarly, you can also see who shared your Instagram post.

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Can you see who saved your Instagram Post?

Currently, there is no way to see who saved the Instagram post. Because of privacy concerns, you cannot do it. However, you can see how many people shaved your post.


Meanwhile, please feel free to comment below if you have any other queries or feedback. We are here to help. We’ve also attached some other useful articles linked to Instagram below.

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