Why Instagram keeps crashing when I try to upload a video? [5 easy fixes]

Why Instagram keeps crashing when I try to upload a video

If you are a regular user of Instagram, you might have experienced issues with the app crashing from time to time, especially when trying to post a story or video, etc. So, if you have questions like ” Why my Instagram keeps crashing when I try to upload a video?” there can be many reasons for that. Let’s discuss them and try to find out the solution to the “Instagram keeps crashing when I try to upload a video” problem.

What is the issue?

When you try to upload a video, be it in the form of posts or Reels, the issue cause that stops you from uploading the content. The issues might be – Instagram crashes when I try to post a reel, Instagram reels crashing, Instagram reels freezing, etc. Here are some reasons for the cause –

Why does Instagram keeps crashing when I try to upload a video? How to fix Instagram reels freezing issue?

There are several reasons for Instagram crashing. We’ve listed them below, so if you can relate to any of that, you can try the specific solution linked to that issue-

  1. Due to system overload: If you haven’t restarted your phone for several days, your system gets overloaded with lots of caches that lead to abnormal functionality of the system UI.
  2. Running out of Storage: If your Device’s internet storage is filled up to the neck, your system can malfunction, leading to frequent apps crashes.
  3. Running out of processing power: Instagram is a very resource-hungry application. So, If you are using an old processor with low RAM, chances are your Instagram may crash during a video upload.
  4. Due to using an old App: An old version of Instagram may lead to crashes sometimes.
  5. Due to Instagram server issue: Sometimes, the problem is not with your phone but with Instagram itself.

These are the common reasons why your Instagram may crash, but whatever causes the issue, we’ve solutions for all of them. We will provide five solutions you can try that fix most of the issues related to your Instagram account, including “Instagram keeps crashing when I try to upload a video.” So let’s get on with it-

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Fix “Instagram keeps crashing when I try to upload a reel.”

We will be going from the most simple solution to the complex one in chronological order. Try the solutions one by one and check if the issue is resolved; if not, move on to the next solutions. We are certain that one of these solutions would work for you-

Solution 1: Restart your Device

This is the most obvious solution to any bugs and crashes relating to any system. So did you try restarting your device once? If not, please restart your phone and try to upload the video again. Restarting gives your phone a fresh start. It’s recommended that you do it often. At least once every 3-4 days.

Solution 2: Force stop Instagram App

If restarting doesn’t fix the error, you should manually restart Instagram from its app info. To do that-

  1. Go to Phone Settings>Apps and find Instagram from there.
  2. Now click on Force stop to completely close the application.
    click force stop
  3. Now open Instagram again and try to post again.

Note: This is applicable for only Android phones, and to find the app info of Instagram, the path is different for different phones. i.e., for OneUI of Samsung phones, it is Settings>Applications; for MIUI of Xiaomi phones, it is Settings>Apps>Manage Apps, etc.

Solution 3: Update your Instagram

Suppose you are using an old version of Instagram that can cause this error. Go to the Play Store or the App Store and check if the Instagram app requires an update. If it does, kindly update the app and try to post the video again.

Solution 4: Clear cache and app data

There are two steps to this solution. First, you need to clear only the cache data and try to post the video. If it doesn’t work, you need to clear the entire data of the application. Doing this makes the app to its factory form, which means you need to log in again once you open Instagram again. Let’s start-

Step 1 –

  1. Go to Instagram app info like you did in the earlier step, and from there, select Storage-
  2. Now, click on Clear data or click on Cache and clear only the cache files.
  3. Now try to post again and see if the app still crashes. If it does move on to the next step-

Step 2 –

  1. From the Settings>Apps>Instagram>Storage settings, this time select clear data.
  2. Now, select Clear all data. This will reset the whole application, and now you need to log in again.
  3. Open Instagram, log in and try to post again.

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Solution 5: Free up Internal Storage

Instagram requires a fair amount of free Storage on your system to function correctly. If your Internal Storage is filled to the neck, this might be causing the app crash error. In this scenario, you clear some space from your phone. Delete unnecessary apps, clear cache, and junk files, delete some large files such as movies or games you’ve already watched or finished playing. At least 25% free storage is recommended to run your system properly. If you are using android Files by Google app can help you clear up some space easily. Do try it.

These are the five core solutions that are in your hands, and you can try to solve the “Instagram keeps crashing when I try to upload a video” issue. But if non of the above solutions works, then maybe it’s not a problem with your device. Maybe your account got the issue from the Instagram server itself. In this case, the only thing you can do is report the problem to the Instagram support team and cross your fingers that they solve it for you as soon as possible. Here is how to do that-

????Bonus Solution????: Report the issue to Instagram

The users cannot solve some problems. That’s where Instagram Help and Support center comes in. To report an Issue to Instagram.

  1. Go to your Profile and click on the 3 Horizontal lines located at the top right corner.
  2. Now go to Settings from here.
    go to settings
  3. Now select Help.
    go to help
  4. Now click Report a Problem and select Report a Problem again.
    Click report a problem
  5. Explain your problem briefly and attach a screenshot and Submit your report.
    click submit
  6. Now, all you have to do is wait for Instagram to fix the issue.

While you wait for Instagram to fix your issue, you can try uploading the video from your PC. Yes, you heard that right. You can upload videos on Instagram from your PC too. We have written an extensive guide on how to do that. Read from below-

How to Upload Videos to Instagram from PC?

Tips to use Instagram on old devices and budget phones –

Instagram is a really resource-hungry app. It wasn’t always the case, but since they’ve launched IGTV and Reels recently, the app became too heavy to use on an old device. The issue is prominent if you use an entry-level android device or a budget device from 2-3 years ago. There is nothing much you can do in this situation other than upgrade your phone, but there are some things you can do that will help you run Instagram with the least bugs and issues possible.

  1. Make sure to close all the other apps if you are using Instagram
  2. Clear all the apps from the recent menu
  3. Keep storage space free up to 40%
  4. Clear cache from time to time.
  5. Use Instagram web version.

We hope this article helped you fix the “Instagram keeps crashing when I try to upload a video” issue. If you have any doubts regarding any of the steps mentioned here, feel free to drop a comment below, and we will try our best to assist you.