How to transfer WhatsApp to new Phone with same number?

How to transfer WhatsApp to new Phone with same number

Have you got a new phone? If your answer is yes, then this guide is a must-read for you. Almost every smartphone user uses the WhatsApp chat application on their phone. Whatsapp makes it easier to connect with family, relatives, friends, office colleagues. It becomes crucial to take a backup of Whatsapp chat to google drive to make sure you don’t miss out on any important chats if you format your phone. But what if you have changed your phone and got new one? If yes then you must know the exact process to move WhatsApp data to new phone. In this guide, we will see how to transfer WhatsApp to new phone in the step-by-step procedure. We will see the method to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android and Android to iPhone.

Prerequisites to transfer Whatsapp to new phone with same number

You must first do some pre-required steps to get ready for the actual process.

  1. Backup Whatsapp to Gdrive
    You must first enable google Google drive backup on your existing phone’s Whatsapp app. Read our exclusive guide to know exact process to do the same – How to backup Whatsapp chat to google drive?
  2. Create backup Manually just before starting transfer process
    Before starting the actual process, create a backup manually. Go to Whatsapp Menu - Settings - Chats - Backup - Start.
  3. Do not open WhatsApp or do any activity on WhatsApp
    Once the backup process is completed, turn off the internet connection and do not do any activity on WhatsApp. If you send/receive messages on WhatsApp after backup, you will lose those chats on your new phone.
  4. Login to same Gmail Account on a new phone as selected for Gdrive backup Gmail ID  –
    You must add a google account to a new phone with the same Gmail ID that you selected to backup WhatsApp data to Gdrive in your old phone.

Once you complete all these prerequisites, you can now start the actual process.

How to transfer WhatsApp to new phone with same number?

We will first see the method for Android Smartphone (free method without any software), and then we will head over to iPhone (which is not free). Both the methods are explained in step by step manner, do follow these steps exactly as explained to get the desired result.

A] For Android to Android – How to transfer Whatsapp to new phone with same number?

This process does not include any third-party software, and it’s free.

  • Step1: Open File manager from your phone and head over to the following path –
    Internal Storage - Whatsapp
    Internal Storage - Android - Media - com.whatsapp - Whatsapp
  • Step2: Now you have to copy this Whatsapp folder to your new phone. You can send the folder to new phone using any file sharing app or Copy first to your computer and then transfer it to new phone from computer.
    copy whatsapp folder from android phone
  • Step3: Once the whole folder and its sub-folders are properly copied to new android phone, download the Whatsapp app from Playstore.
  • Step4: Open WhatsApp and enter your mobile number which should be the same as old phone’s WhatsApp number.
  • Step5: The App will automatically detect the Gdrive backup, which is created and uploaded from your old phone.
  • Step6: Start the restore process and wait for it to complete. Do not interrupt the process or turn off the internet connection during the WhatsApp chat restore process.
  • Step7: Once the Restore is completed, you have now fully transferred the Whatsapp from your android phone to another android smartphone without any software.
  • Step8: Verify all the chats, chat history, files, images, videos are restored properly.

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B] For Android to iPhone – How to transfer Whatsapp to new phone with same number?

Here comes the twist! To backup data, Whatsapp in Android uses Google Drive, and iPhone uses iCloud. So it’s not possible to just copy-paste the WhatsApp folder or restore a backup.

But it’s possible to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. However, It’s not really straightforward, not free (as of writing this article, we will update the article once we found any free way). You can use the paid software to transfer chats to your new iPhone from your old android phone. We will see the paid method in the following steps –

  • Step1: Download Dr. Phone – Whatsapp Transfer software on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Step2: Once the software is installed, launch the Whatsapp Transfer toolkit from the main dashboard.
  • Step3: Connect both your Android and iPhone to the computer using USB cables.
  • Step4: Once the phones are connected, make sure that the Android phone is connected in “Source” and iPhone is connected in “Destination.”
    How to transfer WhatsApp to new Phone with same number? 1
  • Step5: Before starting the transfer, please note that this tool will delete WhatsApp data from the android phone after the transfer is completed.
  • Step6: Now, you can click on the Transfer button to start the data transfer process. Wait for the process to complete, and do not disconnect any of the phone from the computer.

Once the process is completed, the WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone transfer is completed.

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In this article, we learned, How to transfer WhatsApp to new phone with same number. We have covered both the methods to transfer WhatsApp data from “Android to Android” and “Android to iPhone.” If you have any doubt regarding the information provided here, please write to us in the comment section below.