[10 Easy Steps] How To Backup WhatsApp Chat To Google Drive

If you use Whatsapp dearly you might have some very important chats or information you don’t want to lose. To protect these kinds of important information, in this article we will learn how to backup Whatsapp chat to google drive.

how to backup whatsapp chat to google drive

Since Whatsapp isn’t a cloud messaging service and stores its data locally, many a time if you want to switch to a new phone or if you, unfortunately, lost your phone somewhere or even if you just want a fresh start of your old device by factory resetting it, you are out of luck recovering your old chats if you haven’t backed up your old WhatsApp chats beforehand. The only way to store your Whatsapp chats in the clouds so you don’t lose your important data even if some catastrophe hits your device is to back them up in your google drive.

Here’s how you can do that-

How To Backup WhatsApp Chat To Google Drive

  1. Launch WhatsApp from your home screen or app drawer
  2. Tap on the verticle 3 dot menu icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Settings.How To Backup WhatsApp Chat To Google Drive
  4. Tap Chats
  5. Tap Chat Backup Tap chat backup to go to backup settings
  6. Now tap on the Back up to Google Drive option to select the frequency in which you want your chats to be backed up. ( We recommend the Daily option )
  7. Next tap the Google Account option to choose the Gmail ID you want to associate your chat backups to. This will ask for permission to access your Google account.select your google account for WhatsApp backups
  8. Tap AllowTap allow to give permission to access your google account for WhatsApp backup
  9. Here you can turn on the Include videos option if you want your videos to be backed up as well. Ignore if you don’t.
  10. Now tap BACK UP to initiate your first backup.Tap Backup to begin whatsapp backup process

Depending on the size of your chats it will take some time to backup everything to Google Drive Since it’s the first time you are backing up, But the amazing thing is after your first backup the daily backups WhatsApp performs are just incremental, which means it will add to the current backup instead of erasing everything and starting from scratch. WhatsApp automatically performs backups every day ( If you have selected the daily option as we recommended earlier) at 2:00 AM. You can also choose whether you want the backup to happen only when Wifi is connected or over Cellular Network too.

This is the bare minimum you have to do to ensure the safety of your WhatsApp chats. Now that everything is backed up and protected in Google Drive let’s talk about how you can restore them if you ever need them.

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How To Restore WhatsApp Chat From Google Drive

Suppose, you purchased a new phone and want to set up your WhatsApp in the new phone with all the previous chats intact or imagine a hypothetical scenario where your WhatsApp crashed beyond repair and you had to uninstall it or you have simply lost your phone. In the scenarios mentioned above, you know how to backup WhatsApp chat to Google Drive but what purpose it will serve if you don’t know how to get them back or in simple words restore them. Worry not it’s as simple as backing them up if not simpler.

To restore all your chats from Google Drive-

  1. Install WhatsApp and Launch it
  2. Tap Agree and ContinuePress agree and continue to start setting up whatsapp
  3. Enter your phone number to verify it
  4. Tap Next
  5. Tap GIVE PERMISSION Give permission to access your google accounts
  6. Now WhatsApp will ask you to choose the Google Account you have backed up your chats earlier, select accordingly.Select appropriate Gmail to restore chats
  7. Tap Allowclick on allow to give permission to access your google account
  8. Tap RestoreClick on restore to restore chats in whatsapp
  9. Enter your Name
  10. Tap Next

That was it. This is how to backup WhatsApp chat to Google Drive and restore it whenever you need.

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