How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most used platforms among youngsters. The platform has gained more users since the time they launched the reel feature in their platform. Other than posting pictures, liking others’ pictures, sharing stories, and IGTV videos, you can now upload reels that can go viral in no time.

How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram

Since most people love using Instagram, they also have curiosity about the account activities of their loved ones. And if they’re your someone special, you would surely want to know how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram. But how to get this done? Is there any way out? Unfortunately, Instagram respects their users’ privacy, and thus, they do not reveal such info to anyone else.

But if you are still looking forward to knowing the recently followed list of your loved ones, then you can refer to the guide we are sharing below and see if it works for you.

How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram?

There are, in total, two methods via which you can easily check who followed your loved ones recently on Instagram. Although it is not an in-app feature as the activity tab has been removed recently from the app. But we have got you one paid and one free method to ease your work. Sharing below the step-to-step guide in which you will be able to find the one who recently followed you on Instagram.

Method 1 – How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram via Snoopreport.

The first method is where you have to pay some amount but trust us; the method is worth paying the money. Here, you will be able to check anyone’s Instagram activity with ease. You can easily see if someone has followed someone or liked something via this app. Now let us see how can this app helps us-

  1. To get started, you need to open and visit the home page.
  2. Now navigate to the get started button.
  3. Now you will be landed on a page where you need to enter your email and password. Fill that in and agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Once you have signed up successfully, you will be driven to the dashboard.
  5. Now tap on add account option available at the top bar and buy the subscription by choosing your suitable plan. You can go as low as $5 for a month.
  6. Tap on add a profile and enter the username of the account you wish to track.check recent followers using snoopreport
  7. And you’re done.
  8. You will get the weekly reports with their recently followed accounts and other activity data without letting them know.

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Method 2 – Check anyone’s recent following for free

This method is a little tricky but can be done appropriately if you follow all the given steps. And the best part? This method is available for free of cost. Also, note that this method will only work if the account you want to spy on is a public account or if it is private, then you must be on their following list.

  1. First, you need to open on your preferred browser on your smartphone.
  2. Now use your Insta credentials and log in to your account.
  3. Now you can see the three dots appearing in the top right corner of your browser. Tap on that and select the Desktop site option.
  4. Now simply go to the profile of that person who you want to spy on.recent follow list on instagram
  5. Tap on the followers option.
  6. Now you can see their recently followed Instagram account in chronological order, which is from the newest to the oldest one.

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How to view your Instagram followers in chronological order?

Now, if you wish to view your own Instagram followers in chronological order, then you need to follow the following steps-

  • First, open your Instagram app and log in to your account.
  • Now tap on the profile section and go to the follower list.
  • Now check your list of followers that will be already arranged in chronological order.

NoteAlthough this method works for checking your own account, if you aren’t able to check the list, then you can also use the desktop version method that we have given above.


How can I check who my girlfriend recently followed on Instagram?

You can see their followers list to know who they have been followed back. By this you can predict who your girlfriend recently followed on Instagram.

How to see who my boyfriend recently followed on Instagram

You can see their followers list to know who they have been followed back. By this you can predict who your boyfriend recently followed on Instagram.

Is there a way to check who someone recently followed on Instagram without using third-party apps or sites?

You can see the list of followers but cannot see when that user followed. In case of your own account, you can see the notifications to know recent followers.

Wrapping up –

These were the two legitimate methods via which you surely can find out how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram. And to give you an add-on, we have also shared a few other information that you can find about someone’s Instagram easily. If you were trying to find out the ways, please try these methods and let us know which one worked well for you. Also, please comment down if you have a question regarding the same.

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