How to find someone’s comments on Instagram?

Are you Social media manager for a Company? Or do you want to find comments from some important person that you know? If your answer is Yes, then keep reading this guide, and we will explain If you can find a particular person’s comment and how to find someone’s comments on Instagram In step by step instructions.

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Can you find someone’s comments on Instagram?

Previously, before free months, there was an Activity tab under every user’s profile. From the activity tab, you could view that user’s activity, such as where he commented, what post they liked with date and time. But the tab is not privacy-friendly, and hence after numerous complaints worldwide, Instagram has removed this feature.

After removing the “Activity” tab from the user’s profile, as of today, there is no way to check comments made by a specific user.

So the answer to Can you find someone’s comments on Instagram? is NO.

Workaround/Solution on how to find someone’s comments on Instagram –

There is one workaround solution from which you can find someone’s comments on Instagram, but it will take lots of time. You have to open the specific user’s follower list and open the posts made by them. Then load all the comments on that post and find the comment made by the user.

To make this process faster, you can open the Instagram web on the computer and press Ctrl+S / Cmd+S after opening all comments and then type the username of a particular user to find what they commented on. Repeat the same process on each post of their follower one by one.

If you are a social media manager/executive and want to convert the specific user into a Customer, then the following method is for you – To see the users comment on a particular post, open all your competitors Instagram profile or the product relevant recent posts and find whether that specific user has commented on those posts. You can also use the web version on Instagram to find users’ comments by using the search feature.

You can also find what someone commented on by the notification received to you. If you receive lots of notifications, you may find the particular person’s notification by searching it in older notification logs.

How to find past comments on Instagram made by YOU?

If you are curious to know what comments were made by you in the past, you can do so using Instagram App.

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the profile icon at the bottom.
  2. Then tap on the menu icon at the top right corner.
  3. Then tap on the Settings option from the settings.
  4. Now, go to the Security option from the menu item.tap on security option in instagram app
  5. Then click on, Download Data option from the new page.tap on download data on instagram app
  6. On the new screen, enter the email ID and then enter the Instagram password.enter email id to receive instagram data
  7. Login to the Email and open the email received from Instagram.
  8. Open the link in the Instagram app or the browser and then click on the “Download Information” option.
  9. The zip file will be saved to your phone’s download folder.
  10. Now, open the Zip file and navigate to the comments folder.
  11. Open the comments.html folder in the browser to view all the comments you made.

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How to Hide and Filter Instagram Comments?

You can filter and hide comments from specific users –

  1. Open Instagram App and tap on the profile icon
  2. Then tap on the menu icon and then click on the Settings option.
  3. Now, tap on the “Privacy” option.
  4. Then tap on the Comments option and then turn off the comments if you want, OR you can add some users to the blocklist to prevent them comment on your posts.
  5. You can also add some words to filter the comments and auto-hide when that word is included in the comment.

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How to turn off commenting on your posts?

You can also turn off the commenting to your future posts or already published posts –

  1. tap on the 3-dot menu on the already published post and then tap on the “Turn off commenting.”
  2. For new posts, before publishing, tap on advanced options and then tap on the turn-off commenting option.

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