How to put multiple pictures on instagram story? [2 Easy Ways]

how to put multiple pictures on instagram story
Instagram is a widely used photo and video sharing app worldwide. You can share updates to your friend circle, your family, or followers on the go using your smartphone. Sometimes you may want to post multiple photos on Instagram in one post. It’s an effortless task, and you can do it using the latest Instagram app. You can also edit, filter each photo before posting, and insert tags, captions to the post. In this guide, we will see how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story.

Requirements to post multiple photos on Instagram –

The only requirement to post multiple photos on Instagram is to have the latest App installed on your device. You can install/update the app from App Store/Play store.

Also, You must allow the storage permission to the Instagram app to select multiple photos.

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story?

There are two ways you can upload multiple stories on your Instagram post. First, by clicking on your profile picture on the story feed, and Second, by creating a new post. We will go through each one by one in this guide.

Method 1: From the story feed.

Before we start do remember using this method is only possible if you haven’t uploaded a story recently. Otherwise, you can only view your previous story post using the icon. For this article, we are assuming you don’t have a story post up on your profile currently. Let’s Start-
  1. After logging in to your profile, click on your profile picture in the top left of the app which reads Your Story.
    Tap on Your Story
  2. This will open up your camera app by default. To choose photos from your gallery click on the little square icon at the bottom.
    tap on gallery square icon
  3. Now tap and hold the first photo you want to upload. Doing this will automatically allow you to select multiple images.
  4. Now select the photos you want to put up on your story post and click Next.
    click next
  5. On the next screen, you can edit each photo individually. You can apply new filters, write texts, or add stickers to your photos on this page.
  6. After you’ve done editing all the photos, click Next again.
    Click next again
  7. Here, you have the option to share the post with your story or your close friends or you can also DM someone from here.
  8. Tap on the Share button next to Your story option.
    Tap Share
  9. Now click Done. This will upload all the photos you’ve selected for your story. You can also undo the post from here.
    Click Done

Now let’s move on to the second method.

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Method 2: How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story by creating a new post?

  1. Log in to your profile if you haven’t done it yet
  2. Now click on the plus icon at the upper right corner of the app to add a new post.
    tap on plus icon
  3. Now, you’ll be greeted with your gallery images by default. From here you’ll have the option to create a new post, a new story post, Reels or you can go live from here.
  4. Since we are going to upload a story post, tap on the STORY option. This will open your front camera by default like earlier.
    How to put multiple pictures on instagram story? [2 Easy Ways] 1
  5. From now on, the process is precisely the same as the first method. Select your photos, edit them and post just like we’ve discussed earlier.

This is how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story. As you can see this is really easy. You can also upload multiple photos in one single story by stacking them or creating a collage. Do read our article on that topic lined below-

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