๐ŸŒˆ How to get the Rainbow ring on Instagram? [1 minute easy solution]

If you use Instagram a lot, sometimes you might have noticed something different with some peopleโ€™s story feeds. Instead of the standard color circles, they have a rainbow-colored circle on their stories. And you might have wondered how to get that special type of rainbow circle in your Instagram stories as well. Well, then you landed in the right place. This article will teach you how to get the rainbow ring on Instagram stories.

how to get the rainbow ring on Instagram stories

What is this Rainbow ring is all about? Instagram Rainbow circle around profile picture โ€“

Usually, Instagram users are familiar with three kinds of color borders on their story feeds. If the colorful ring around Instagram profile picture is Orange and Pink, that means the user has recently uploaded a story that is yet to be seen. If the border color ofย profile picture is Green, the user has posted the story visible to only close friends, and if the circle is grey, that means the user has checked all the stories made by their friends, and no new stories are available.

But recently, another rainbow ring around Instagram profile picture borders is appearing on usersโ€™ feeds. When we tried to find out why it appears, it turned out that Instagram has launched a new rainbow circle around profile picture border dedicated entirely to pride month and representing the LGBTQ+ community. This is to show affection, love, and support to the community. Instagram has launched many stickers and associated several hashtags, so the story border turns into a rainbow whenever one uses them.

So, if you want to show some support as well or simply love the rainbow effect and want to use it, we will teach you exactly that in the next part of this article-

How to get the Rainbow ring on Instagram stories?

Getting the Rainow ring around your profile picture and story is pretty easy. You just have to add a story using the Instagram Stickers specially designed for pride month or use one of the hashtags associated with it.

Follow these steps to get the rainbow ring on Instagram stories โ€“

  1. Open Instagram App on your smartphone.
  2. Press the Plus Icon (+) at the bottom to create a new story.
  3. Then go to the gallery and select the photo that you want to share as a story.
  4. Now, tap on the stickers and select the stickers that are specially created to celebrate pride month.
  5. Once you select the sticker, tap on the share button, and you can see the Rainbow ring on Instagram story.

With just five easy steps, you can now use the rainbow circle on Instagram story during pride month.

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How to get a rainbow circle on Instagram Profile Picture?

You can add the Story with the Pride sticker and post. You will see the Rainbow ring around your profile picture also.

How to get the Rainbow Text on Instagram?

You can also share Rainbow Hashtags to celebrate Pride month.

  1. Create any post and type the hashtags that are created for Pride month.
  2. Six hashtags are created for LGBTQ+ community representation โ€“
    • #LGBTQ
    • #EqualityMatters
    • #AccelerateAcceptance
    • #Pride2021
    • #BornPerfect
  3. These hashtags will be displayed in rainbow gradient color instead of plain black color.

Done! With these simple steps, you already got the solution on how to get the rainbow ring on Instagram stories and rainbow hashtags with gradient colors.

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FAQ โ€“

How do you get a rainbow circle on Instagram?

In the Pride month Instgram automatically adds a feature to apply rainbow ring on your profile picture and Instagram story.

How do you make your Instagram ring colorful?

Colorfull Instagram Ring can be applied in the month of June every year by applying LGBTQ rainbow ring.

Summary โ€“ You can add a rainbow circle on your Instgram profile photo to celebrate pride month in the month of June every month. Let us know if you need further assistance regarding Instagram.

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