How to loop a Video for Instagram? [3 easy methods]

Instagram is one of the social media platforms people use to share photos, videos, and memories. There are multiple forms in which you can share your video on Instagram.

how to loop a video for instagram

You can share short reels, long IGTV videos, story videos, etc. Loop videos are one form of videos that you can share on Instagram for sharing a longer duration video.

Loop video contains one to two-second videos that are played frequently. It repeats itself to make a bit longer video.

There is no audio in loop videos. Thus, you can create a loop video and share it on Instagram with your followers and friends.

How to loop a video for Instagram?

There are multiple ways to loop a video for Instagram. You can download apps and even do it on Instagram. Here will be all the details to loop the video for Instagram.

  1. Using Instagram to loop video
  2. Using other apps to loop video

A] Instagram Loop Video Feature

Instagram Boomerang

Instagram has a built-in feature to create loop videos. The feature is known as the Boomerang feature. It lets you create loop videos on Instagram in a breeze.

There are multiple apps present for creating boomerang videos for Instagram. You can make use of these apps for creating looping videos for yourself.

Here are the steps for creating boomerang videos using Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Log in to your Instagram account.
  3. Open the camera through Instagram.
  4. Tap on the infinity icon present in the rightmost column.
  5. Record your boomerang video.
  6. Save the recorded boomerang video or share it on your stories/feed.

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B] How to loop a video for Instagram Using Boomerang App

Boomerang App

The Boomerang app is one of the applications available for creating boomerang and looping videos for Instagram. You can download the Boomerang app through the play store.

Here are the steps to create looping videos with a Boomerang app:

  1. Install the Boomerang app.
  2. Use the in-camera of the Boomerang app to record video.
  3. Click the one-button available for creating looping videos.
  4. Once the video is recorded, you can share it on Facebook or Instagram.
  5. You can even choose the save option to save your video without sharing it on social media platforms.

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C] How to loop a video for Instagram through online platforms

Mediaio platform

There are a plethora of platforms available for forming looping methods. You can use any of them to create loop videos for Instagram. Here we will discuss creating loop videos using is one of the online platforms which allows you to edit, record, trim and beautify looping variables for Instagram.

Here are the steps for creating looping videos using

  1. Visit online platform.
  2. Click on the Choose files button to browse your storage and choose the file.
  3. You can click on drag and drop to drag the source file.
  4. After the video is imported successfully, you can choose the loop speed from the available set of speeds.
  5. After editing the videos, click on the export button to export your loop video.
  6. You can click on Dropbox/Google Drive to upload the loop video to cloud storage.
  7. After the video is exported, you can download it to your system.

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Will Instagram videos automatically loop?

You need to use a separate feature provided by Instagram to loop a video. The video posted normally do not convert automatically to lllping video.

How do you make a loop out of a video?

You can use video from your device and male a loop out of it using a inbuilt feature or make it from online tool or app.

Conclusion –

Looping Videos can help you make interesting videos and share them on Instagram. You can make fun outing loop videos, food blogs using loop videos, and even informative content.

There are many ways through which you can create and learn how to loop a video for Instagram. You can even use Instagram for creating such videos. You can use online platforms like for creating loop videos for Instagram. All the steps are here to guide you through the process to loop a video for Instagram.

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