Why does my iPad charge so slow? [5 easy solutions]

why does my ipad charge so slow

iPads by Apple are great productivity and media consumption devices, but it takes a lot of time to charge the device due to the huge battery size. Especially the base variant of iPads which comes bundled with only a 5w charger in the box. So, if you are wondering why does my iPad charge so slow, we might have some answers for that.

Why does my iPad charge so slow?

Basically, there are five likely scenarios to answer your question about why does my iPad charge so slow. We will discuss them one by one, along with solutions to cater to such scenarios.

Scenario 1: A Software glitch and a Restart.

We use our iPads like our mobile devices; most of the time, it’s in standby mode while not in use. Sometimes it may cause some software issues and glitches, making the iPad charge slowly. Fortunately, most of these software-related glitches can be fixed with a simple Restart. So turn off your iPad by holding power and volume up button simultaneously. Now turn on the iPad. It should remove any software problems, and your iPad should charge normally.

Scenario 2: Problem with the Charging Adapter.

Most of the time, the charging-related issues of an iPad can be linked to its charging Adapter. Let’s discuss all the Adapter related issues you may face while charging.

Problem with the Charging Adapter

A] You are using a Slow Charging Adapter.

If you are using the basic variant of the iPad, it will charge slowly by default because it comes bundled only with a 5w adapter which takes about 2.5-3 hours to charge your iPad fully. The iPad Air and iPad Pro come with a 20w charger, but fortunately, the newer version of the original iPad supports 20w charging. What you need to do is swap your 5w Adapter with the 20w Adapter of the pro models, and you’ll see a significant difference in charging speeds. Here is a link to buy the original 20w charger from Amazon-

20W USB-C Power AdapterBuy from Apple Store OR Buy from Amazon

B] You are using a 3rd Party Adapter.

Apple designs their devices that only work with Apple-certified charging adapters. If your original Adapter is broken and you’ve changed it with a 3rd party charging brick that is not apple certified, this might be causing slow charging speeds. If so, please buy the original charger from the above link because using a 3rd party charger that is not apple certified not only causes slow charging speed it may also damage your device. If you don’t want to buy the original Apple adapter, we’ve linked a great 3rd party Adapter below that is apple certified and much more compact than the original, and it’s cheaper too.

Buy from AmazonAnker USB C Charger 20W

C] Charging with Laptop/Computer USB Port.

If you charge your iPad with your laptop or Desktop, it may charge very slowly. iPads require considerably more power to charge, and your computer may not be able to provide such power, especially if it’s an older computer. So the best solution is to plug in the Original charging adapter that came with the iPad into a power outlet.

Scenario 3: Problem with the Charging Cable.
Problem with the Charging cable

Sometimes the problem is not with the Adapter or iPad but the charging cable. With enough use and wear and tear, the charging cable gets damaged and doesn’t work as intended. It shows Charging with the lightning bolt when you connect it but cannot provide enough juice to charge the iPad, which causes the iPad to charge very slowly. So the best solution here is to replace the charging cable with a new one. Here is a link to buy a new cable-

USB-C to Lightning Cable (1 m)    USB-C Charge Cable (1 m)

Scenario 4: Your Charging port is Dirty.
Clean your charging port


If changing the Adapter and Cable doesn’t work for you, there might be problems with the charging port itself. Over time with enough use, your iPad charging port may collect some lint or debris inside. This can make your iPad charge slow, or it can stop charging in extreme cases. Don’t worry; it’s a common issue, and this can be fixed with a bit of cleaning. Grab a flashlight and check your charging port. If you see any dirt, lint, or debris inside, you must clean it. We have written a detailed article on how to clean your device’s charging port; go and read it to know more. Here is the link-

How to clean USB C port on Phone or Laptop without damaging your device

Scenario 5: Your iPad has a hardware issue.

If non of the scenarios mentioned earlier and solutions worked for you, there might be a bigger problem. Chances are your charging port is damaged, or your iPad has some other hardware-related issues that prevent it from charging normally. Unfortunately, in this scenario, you have to visit the service center. If you have an Apple store nearby, schedule an appointment and take your iPad to them. They will most likely address the issue and fix it free of cost if it’s under warranty.

5 Useful tips to charge your iPad in the right way.

We hope you find the answer to your question about why does my iPad charge so slow. Meanwhile, once you get your iPad fixed, we want you to know these five tips to charge your iPad-

  1. Use Original or Apple Certified Adapters and Cables only.
  2. Try not to use your iPad while Charging.
  3. Always plug your Adapter into a power socket.
  4. Clean your Charging port from time to time.
  5. Restart your iPad once or twice a week.

We tried to answer your question about why does my iPad charge so slow in this article and hope one of the solutions works for you. If you have any doubts or queries, drop them in the comment section below.

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