[5 Practical ways] How to charge a phone without a charger?

How to charge a phone without a charger

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, there are several ways to charge it without needing a battery charger or wall adapter. One of the simplest and most effective ways is to use a hand crank charger. There are also solar chargers and wireless charging pads.

If your phone is running low on power, it’s easy to charge it using a USB cable. But if you don’t have a charger, you can use a special tool called a power bank. This device will charge your phone or any other device that uses a USB connection, even when not connected to a power source.

You don’t have to be an expert to figure out how to charge your phone without a charger. That’s why I wrote this guide on how to charge a phone without a charger, so you can be prepared for the next time you need to.

How to charge a phone without a charger?

We will see working practical methods to charge your phone if you don’t have a charger with you. You may have at least one method working for you in any situation. That’s the promise from my side.

Note – No gimmicky or fun method is mentioned here and it’s a serious post that you should continue reading.

Method 1 – Use a USB Port to Charge Your Phone

You can use a USB cable that is compatible with your phone. You can then connect the cable to your laptop USB A port and another end to your phone, and the phone should start charging.

Alternatively, there are many places where you can find USB A ports, such as hotels, public places like trains, cafes, restaurants, bus stands, etc.

Pro Tip Always carry one USB cable which is compatible with your phone.

For android, Keep USB A to Type C port cable; for iPhones, keep USB A to Lightning port cable. Multi-port charging cables are available on Ecom sites that come with micro, type C, and lightning cables in one cable. See the best multiport cables on Amazon.

Method 2 – Use PowerBank to charge your phone.

You can always carry a Powebank with you. The power bank is designed to store higher charges and provide you 1/2/3 charge cycles as per the capacity. The power banks have multiple ports that make them compatible with almost any phone. There are compact power banks also which fit in your trouser pocket.

Additionally, you need to carry a charging cable with you and the power bank.

Method 3 – Use Wireless Charging

many phones these days come with wireless charging technology. You don’t need a charging cable to attach to your phone to charge it. You must need a wireless charger that comes with the phone or need to buy it separately. The wireless charging pad comes in contact with the back panel of the phone, and charging starts. It’s that simple. You may plug the wireless charger using the USB port to the power supply.

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Method 4 – Use Wireless Powerbank / Magsafe charger

wireless charging

There is even more evolving technology arrived! You can now use wireless power banks to charge your phone without a charger. The power bank stores the charge, comes in contact with the phone and starts charging. The latest iPhone comes with MagSafe charging technology that works on the same principle. The Magsafe Battery pack can be attached to the back of the phone have a very sleek design that charges your iPhone wirelessly. You can also use other brands of wireless charging Poerbanks, such as Ampere Jetpack power bank.

Method 5 – Use another phone to charge your phone.

You know, you can charge your phone by connecting your phone to another phone? Yes, that’s possible, just connect the phone to another phone using a charging cable to start the charging of your phone. Suppose your phone has a Type C port and your friend also has a Type C port. You can get a TypeC to Type C cable and attach the cable first to your phone and then to your friend’s phone. Boom! your phone is now started charging.

Watch this video to understand reverse charging technology and how it works –


Caring for a phone without a charger is now a real thing! Gone are the days when you have to keep the charger with you while traveling. The charging brock is now replaced with many things that don’t even need a cable connection. This guide explains five practical methods on how to charge a phone without a charger in very easy-to-read language. Do let us know which method worked for you in the comment section below.