How to clean USB C port on Phone or Laptop without damaging your device

How to clean USB C port on Phone or Laptop

Type-C USB ports are now universally accepted charging, and data transfer ports on almost all smartphone devices and laptops. While we use our device, their USB C port tends to attract dust particles and debris, affecting the connection itself. To make it function properly, you must clean USB C port without damaging your device. In this guide, we will see how to clean USB C port on your Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac laptop/computer.

We will also know why you need to clean type C port, precautions to avoid getting dust particles to accumulate in the type C port, and tools to protect USB C port. You will also know if there is any charging speed difference or data speed improvements once you clean USB C port on your phone or laptop.

Why do you need to clean USB C port on phone/computer?

When you keep your phone in your pocket or bag, the dust particles enter the USB C port cutout. Some devices don’t have a dust-proof rating, resulting in entering that dust into the inner portion of the device, which may damage the parts or lower their performance.

In another way, the dirty port may cause the male connector (charging cable, data cable, USB drive, etc.) not to connect properly.

By cleaning the device, the connectors will fit perfectly and will function properly.

How to clean USB C port without damaging your device?

We will see the different easy and safe methods that anyone at home can perform.

Method 1 – Controlled Compressed Air

This is the easiest and most effective way to remove dust from the USB C port. You can use the empty spray bottle, which has a straw connected at the top. Please press the button to periodically blow the air into the port to remove dust from it forcibly. Do not give excessive pressure or use a higher valued pressure device to perform this action, or it may result in a damaged port.

Method 2 – Use a plastic toothpick

a plastic toothpick is also helpful in removing dust from the type c port. Gently insert the toothpick into the port and try to remove the particles. The earpick with cotton wrapped around it is also a handy tool to remove the dust more effectively.

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How to protect USB C port from dust, dirt particles?

Some sellers provide smartphone back covers that come with a cap for type C port. You may purchase these back covers to protect the port, pull them out only while using them.

For the phones, there are several anti-dust plugs available on the marketplace for few bucks. You may use such plugs for all your iPhone devices, macs to protect them from dirt, dust, etc.

Get such anti-dust plugs for iPhone, Mac, or computers –

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