How to hide comments on Instagram live [ 4 easy ways]

How to hide comments on Instagram live

Instagram is the most fun social media platform when it comes to sharing photos and videos with your friends and families. Where other platforms use highly compressed formats to reduce the size and quality of your media posts, Instagram, on the other hand, doesn’t compress your media posts that aggressively. That’s what makes it a great tool to share memories with your followers. For the same reason, Instagram is also great for having live sessions with your followers. The video quality comes out crisp compared to other platforms, and it’s enjoyable interacting with your followers with various features. 

But sometimes, when sharing a live session on Instagram, some people tend to spam the comment section with unnecessary comments. That’s why there is an option to keep these comments at bay without blocking every single user who spams. You can choose to hide comments entirely on your live sessions. It’s a convenient way to communicate with your followers without any interruption if it’s a short announcement you are trying to make. You may also want to hide the comments while watching someone else’s live session for little to no distractions. So this article will discuss how to hide comments on Instagram live and how to hide comments on Instagram live when you are watching someone’s live sessions.

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How to hide comments on Instagram live?

First, let’s learn how to hide comments when going live on Instagram.

How to hide comments on Instagram live while doing live sessions?

There is no way to hide the comments before you go live. You can only do it once you are connected to a live session. However, once you turn off the comments, all previous comments will vanish. Here is what you need to do-

  1. Open the Instagram app tap on the Plus button located along with the messenger icon at the top right corner of the app.
  2. Now tap on Live.
    tap on Live
  3. click on the shutter button to go Live and wait for the connection to happen.
  4. Once you are live, tap on the three-dot menu  located at the Add a comment bar on the bottom of your screen.
    tap on 3 dot menu
  5. Here, you will get the options to Turn off Commenting, Turn off requests to go Live, and Turn off Questions. Tap on the Turn off Commenting option to disable the comments.
    tap on turn off commenting

You can always turn the comments back again by following the same steps. 

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If you don’t want to turn off comments entirely on your live sessions, you can choose to restrict specific words in the comment section of your Instagram Live. Instagram lets you control what appears on the comment section of your live sessions as well as your posts. Let’s discuss a little more about the feature.

How to control what others comment on your Instagram Live?

There are specific ways to control who can comment on your posts and Instagram Lives and what they can write in the comment section. Follow the steps mentioned below. 

A] Manage who can comment on your post

  1. Open Instagram and Go to your profile. Now tap on the hamburger menu  and open Settings.
    tap on settings option in insta app
  2. Now tap on Privacy.
    Go to privacy
  3. On this page, tap on Comments.
    Tap on comments
  4. Now tap on Allow Comments from.
    tap allow comments from
  5. Here you can choose who can comment on your posts. You have four options to choose from: Everyone, People you follow and your followers, People you Follow, and Your followers. Choose according to your need.

B] Hide Offensive words and phrases.

  1. By following the similar steps mentioned above, go to Privacy settings.
  2. Now tap on Hidden words.
    Tap on Hidden words
  3. On this page, turn on Hide Comments.
  4. Then turn on Advanced filtering.
  5. These two options will prevent most offensive comments but make sure no slang words appear on your comment section. You may go one step further and add slang words to the dictionary slang words to your Dictiondictionaryl a little further and tap on Manage list under Custom words and phrases.
    tap on manage list
  6. Here add the words separated by commas. And the words won’t appear on any of your comment sections.
    add words or phrases

C] Turn on Limits function 

If you feel harassed, Instagram lets you temporarily limit unwanted comments and messages. It works similar to restricting users on Instagram, but you can restrict a large group of people instead of specific individuals. To do this-

  1. Go to Privacy settings on your Instagram by following the steps mentioned above.
  2. Tap on Limits.
    tap on Limits
  3. Now tap Continue.
    tap continue
  4. Now toggle on Accounts that aren’t following you, Recent followers, and set how long you want the restrictions to last. 
  5. Now tap on Turn on.

These are some ways to control and manage the comments section on your Instagram.

How to hide comments on Instagram live while watching a live session?

Sadly there are no options to turn off the comments while watching an Instagram live anymore. Instagram removed that feature. However, there are options to turn off comments by using some 3rd party extensions on Google Chrome. However, the extensions are pretty unreliable and don’t work most of the time. We will update this article if we find any new way to disable comments while watching an Instagram live.

That’s it for today’s article on how to hide comments on Instagram live. If you have any doubts or queries please drop them in the comment section below.