How to declutter Gmail for good in 3 easy steps?

How to declutter Gmail for good

Electronic Mail (Email) is an integral part of an internet geek. Without Email, you can’t do much on the Internet. From logging into any service to managing your bank account, all you require is an email account. Gmail from Google provides free email for everyone. Many of you already have at least one Gmail account and use a Gmail account on your computer and smartphone. After login into your Gmail account, you find that some irrelevant email landing on your inbox trying to sell you somethings, offering you some discounts, telling you their updates and new features, bank transaction emails, blah blah blah. We call it Spam Emails.

Look how bad spam emails are to have it in your inbox – due to your cluttered Gmail inbox, you may have missed many important emails about the important communication, your bank statements, and if you are very unlucky, then a Job interview call ????????.

Why these spam Emails find your Gmail Inbox?

We sign up on various sites such as subscriptions sites, Bill pay/recharge sites, credit card inquiry sites, loan eligibility checking sites, and much more. In the process, they ask you for your email id to process your request and subscribe you to their mailing list.

Once your email is added to their mailing list, they will send you the emails promoting their products, asking you to write a review on their service, new product updates, etc. Some mailing lists are sold to third-party buyers, and they will also send their promotional emails to you; and the cycle continues, and you get many unwanted emails.

So, what can you do to get rid of such spam emails and how to declutter Gmail for good so that you don’t miss any important mails? Read on; we have crafted a full guide on how to declutter your Gmail for good. We have some untold ways to make your Gmail inbox as clean and neat as you want and get rid of unwanted mails.

How to declutter Gmail for good?

We will start by labeling your important emails, and then we will filter out unwanted emails. By labeling the emails, they will be grouped according to sender, keywords, etc. Then you can filter out the unwanted group of emails from your inbox easily. Finally, we will see the automated way to delete spam emails and bulk unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Step 1 – How to label emails in Gmail and group them?

These steps can only be performed on the desktop Gmail website and require some of your time. But rest assured, it’s just a one-time process.

  1. Open Gmail on the desktop browser –
  2. Then select the Email that you want to create a label for.
  3. Open the three-dot menu and select the “Filter messages like these” option.
    click on filter messages like these
  4. In the “To” field, you can see the sender’s email address. Click on the “Create Filter” button. (By clicking on the search button, you will know how many emails you have received from this sender till today).
  5. The next screen is important where we have to select some important options –
    filer options in gmail
    • Skip the Inbox – Mark it, and the messages will not be shown in the inbox(but still present in your Gmail)
    • Apply the Label – Select the label that you want to give for such Emails. E.g., If the email is from Amazon, then Create New label and name it as “Amazon.”
    • Delete it – If you delete the email when you see an email from a particular sender, mark this option; it will auto delete immediately after reception.
    • Also, apply a filter to X matching conversations – Don’t forget to mark this option as it will apply the above settings to all the emails received from that sender.
  6. Finally, click on the “Create Filter” option.
  7. Wait for few seconds to see the effect of applied changes. Once done, you can see the small label in front of the inbox mail.
  8. Also, you can view the label name listed on the left side menu.
  9. You can change the Label color to identify it easily. From the left menu, click the three-dot menu to open the menu and select the “Label color” option.

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Step 2 – Group all the similar Emails with a Label

Now that you know how to label the emails, you can label similar emails based on sender, keyword in subject/body, etc.

We will see one example for grouping the emails


My Gmail Inbox fills with the bank transaction emails and the promotional emails from the bank. You can see RBL bank sends me the hell load of emails to promote their products, send me statements and the transactions emails that I did on my RBL credit card. Among these emails, I may miss the Card Statement Email.

How to declutter Gmail with labels? What did I do to clean my inbox?

1) So, I collected all the email addresses that I receive from RBL Bank, such as,,, etc.

How to declutter Gmail for good in 3 easy steps? 1

2) Then, I filtered them with the “RBL” label using the method explained in the above section. I also skipped these emails to appear in the Inbox.

3) Also, I  excluded the email Sender for statements, i.e., Now, I created a new filter and filtered emails from and labeled them as “RBL STATEMENT.” I also marked it as Important so that I will never miss or ignore it from my inbox.


Now I have got 2 labels, i.e., RBL and RBL STATEMENT. You can view these labels separately on the left side menu on Gmail. You can click on either of the labels to open all the emails that came from or will come from RBL bank.


Your Gmail is now decluttered; the RBL bank messages you were getting are now not coming to your inbox, except the RBL card statement emails.

Similarly, you can group the emails from a particular sender or based on the keywords and skip them from Inbox, also Label them to sort. You can then access such grouped emails by opening the Labels from the left menu.

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Step 3 – How to declutter Gmail by Unsubscribing Unwanted Emails

Apart from sorting the emails, the new emails from different senders keep coming up in your inbox. To avoid such emails, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list.

However, unsubscribing to every mailing list is a tedious process, and it’s nearly impossible for a busy person like me. So I did some research and found out the tool which unsubscribes emails in Bulk. We will see how to use this tool –

The tool is called Cleanfox, and all they need is your Email access. Once you give them permission course via API and not with an actual password), the clean fox tool will scan all your inbox emails and categorize them as promotional, spam, etc. You can then unsubscribe from such emails with one click. Let’s see the process step by step –

How to unsubscribe emails in Bulk and delete them to declutter Gmail?

  1. Open Cleanfox website on your computer –
  2. Enter your email id to get started.
  3. On the new page, create the password for the tool. Follow the on-screen instructions to create an application password.
  4. If you cannot access the settings to create an application password, you must enable the two-step verification first.
  5. After you successfully created the application password, log in to cleanfox using that password.
  6. The tool will now ask you some basic details like your name and birth year etc. Enter the required details and click on Submit button.
  7. The tool will now start scanning your emails and may take few minutes or up to several hours to complete based on the number of emails in your Gmail inbox.
    cleanfox email scanning
  8. You will receive a notification in your inbox once the process is completed.
  9. After the process is complete, click on the “Clean My mailbox” option.
    click on clean my mailbox
  10. Now, you have to select some group of emails to keep them or delete them. Follow onscreen instructions to know the process.
  11. Done! Unwanted emails are now deleted and unsubscribed.

With the unsubscribed emails, your Gmail inbox is more decluttered now!

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So with some one-time actions on your Gmail account, you will forever get decluttered Gmail account. We have seen a method to create labels and group similar emails; then, there is a tool to unsubscribe and delete unwanted emails. If you got into any trouble doing the above steps, let us know in the comment section below. Also, tell us your way on how to declutter Gmail that you have achieved so far.