How to add a signature in Gmail

How to add a signature in Gmail

Google’s Gmail is the most popular email service. Most of the users use their primary email with Gmail. Free and secure mailing servers make it very popular and trusted. While composing a new mail, you might have ended it with your name, designation, etc. usually called as a signature. Instead of typing it in every mail, you can auto set the signature for your every email. Heres this article explains you, how to add a signature in Gmail. The method is very simple. You can use your Computer and even smartphone to add a signature in Gmail.

How to add a signature in Gmail

There are two methods we are going to see in this article. First is with Computer and another one is with a Smartphone. Let’s start then,

Method 1 – How to add a signature in Gmail using Computer

Step1: Go to and sign in with your email id and password.

Step2: Click on gear icon from the top right side and select Settings.

how to add a signature in gmail

Step2: Now click on the General tab from the top horizontal menu.

Step3: Scroll little down, and you can see a Signature box.

how to add a signature in gmail

Step4: Type the signature you want and scroll down to the bottom, click on Save Changes button.

Your signature is now set, and it will be added automatically in your every mail.

Method 2 – How to add a signature in Gmail using Smartphone

Step1: First of all, open Gmail App on your smartphone.

Step2: Open the swipe left the menu and select the Settings option.

Step3: If you have multiple mail accounts, then select your desired account, scroll little down and click on Mobile Signature.

how to add a signature in gmail

Step4: Type your favourite signature and press Save.

Done, your Gmail signature is now set.

How to add multiple signatures in Gmail

Well, there is no direct way to add multiple signatures in an email, but with some advanced settings, we can set them.

With advanced settings, Canned Responses, you can create multiple signatures you want and add them while composing mail. This method works only on Computer.

Step1: Go to Gmail settings and select the Advanced tab.

Step2: Turn on canned messages option by clicking on the enabled radio button.

Step3: Now, scroll down and click on Save Changes button to save the changes you made.

Step4: After the reloading of Gmail, create new mail and click on bottom right overflow menu, select Canned Responses option.

add multiple signatures in gmail

Step5: Now you can add your new signature here. And again go to canned response option and choose your desired signature.

Create free & Cool Gmail Signature Templates

Now you are wondering for cool Gmail signature. There are many online tools that let you create your own signature template for free. One of the most popular sites I ever have seen is

You can create your free signature as per your liking. Add your images, create social profile links and many more.

Moreover, you can select the pre-set templates from the sample list and customize them according to your preferences.

You have to signup on the site, create your email signature template and save it. Then click on copy to clipboard and paste in add signature box.

One of the cool Gmail templates I created with this website looks like this –

cool gmail signature template
Cool Gmail signature template created with

If you don’t want to use any third-party templates and still want to add an image or your company logo, then follow these steps-

 Step1: Go to add a signature box from the method1 explained above.

Step2: Click Type your desired signature text.

Step3: Now click on the image upload icon and select the image or company logo.

Step4: Once the upload completes, the logo will be shown in the signature.

Done, you have now signature in Gmail with logo added.

Hope the guide on How to add a signature in Gmail helped you. The article also explains how to add multiple signatures in Gmail and how to add an image or logo in the signature.