How to unsend an email in Gmail after a day? [2 easy ways]

We usually get questions like “how to unsend an email in Gmail after a day?” too often in our emails. So let’s find out if it’s actually possible.

how to unsend an email in Gmail after a day

Electronic mail in shorts Emails has become an essential part of everyone’s life. May it is a business, some institute, or an Individual using it for communications, emails play an important part in our day-to-day lives. Several service providers offer email services like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, etc., but the most popular one is Gmail by Google. Almost everyone has an email account created in google and if you are an android phone user having a Gmail ID is mandatory.

So what if one day you sent a mail by accident and you realize that after a day and want to delete it? It happens a lot, and we get many queries regarding this, questions like how to unsend an email in Gmail after a day? Popup too often in our emails. So let’s find out if it’s actually possible.

How to unsend an email in Gmail after a day?

We don’t want to clickbait our readers and give false information so let’s get straight to the point. We are sorry to disappoint you; You cannot Unsend an email in Gmail after a day of sending it. It is simply not possible(At least not yet). So stop wasting your time searching it on Google or Youtube. You’ll get clickbait videos and articles which are good for nothing.

The simple solution to this problem is you can set self destruct email instead of a normal email to remove the data from the email after set time. (We will be explaining self-destruct method below)

So, if it’s not possible, what can be done now? Well, there is not much you can do to delete or unsend the email sent a day earlier, but Gmail does provide an option to unsend an email for a short span of time. By default, when you send an email from Gmail, you get an Undo button for 5 seconds. Once you click undo, the email will be unsent. But we all know 5 seconds is too little of a time to decide anything or realize that you’ve made a mistake. So there is an option to increase this time frame up to 30 seconds. Let’s learn how-

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How to recall an email on Gmail within 30 seconds?

To increase the undo timeframe to 30 seconds, here is what you need to do-

  1. Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen. And from the quick settings window, select See all settings.go to settings
  2. Step 2: Now, from the general tab, find Undo Send option.find undo send option
  3. Step 3: Click on the Send cancellation period drop-down menu and select 30 Seconds. That’s the maximum time allowed.set send cancellation period to 30 seconds
  4. Step 4: Now, scroll all the way down to the settings page and click Save changes.

That’s it. This will change the Undo time frame to 30 seconds. So you at least get a small window to rectify any mistakes. Do note that this setting can be accessed from a laptop browser only. If you want to change this setting from your phone, follow the guide below-

How to change Undo Settings from your phone?

Unfortunately, the official Gmail app for Android or iOS doesn’t have a full-fledged settings page. But you can still find it using your browser. It’s actually straightforward, and the process is the same as we’ve mentioned above. You just have to do a little trick with your Browser. This works for both Android and iPhones. Please follow the steps below-

  1. Step 1: Open your preferred browser on your phone and visit Gmail.
  2. Step 2: Once the page loads and if you have the Gmail app installed on your phone. The page may ask you to OPEN THE GMAIL APP to access your emails. Please ignore it and click ON use the web version instead.Tap use the web version
  3. Step 3: Once the web page loads completely, click on the 3 verticle lines on the top left corner.Tap 3 vertical lines
  4. Step 4: Scroll all the way down on this panel to find the view Gmail in option. Here tap on Desktop to load the desktop version of Gmail.Scroll down click on Desktop
  5. Step 5: On the next screen, the page will ask you if you really want to use HTML Gmail. Here, tap on I’d like to use HTML Gmail, and this will load the basic HTML version of Gmail.Tap I'd like to use HTML Gmail
  6. Step 6: Once the basic HTML version of Gmail loads, scroll all the way down to find the Gmail view option and from here, click on the standard to load the standard PC version of Gmail with all the options you get on a PC.Tap on standard
  7. Step 7: From here, all the steps are the same as you do on a PC since you literally opened the PC version of Gmail on your phone. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to change the Undo Settings.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you the exact answer to your question “How to unsend an email in Gmail after a day?” but we hope you become more aware in the future before sending an email. Please reconfirm the email ID you want to send at least twice to be 100% sure. Alternatively, if you often send emails from your phone, you can enable an option from the Gmail app settings that will ask you for confirmation before sending an email. Here is how you can enable that extra layer of protection-

Adding an extra layer of protection before sending an email from Gmail App-

To enable the Confirmation action setting on your Gmail app

  1. Step 1: Open your Gmail app and go to ‘settings‘.
  2. Step 2: Now, go to ‘General Settings’.
  3. Step 3: Scroll down to find Action confirmation.
  4. Step 4: Tick on the ‘Confirm before sending‘ option.confirm before sending

From now on, every time you want to send an email, Gmail will ask for a confirmation before sending it(see screenshot below).

This time we couldn’t help you with your “how to unsend an email in Gmail after a day” query, but we hope we can help you a little with your future email exchanges.

You can also set the Confidential Mail feature in Gmail to self-destruct mail attachments after a set time. Read on – How to send self destruct Email using “Gmail confidential mode”?

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