How to block someone on Gmail

Why block someone on Gmail:- Gmail by Google is used by almost all peoples, especially Android users. It’s so popular that, people would call email like a Gmail only :P. It’s effortless and straightforward to use Gmail for sending and receiving emails on the go. With your smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet, Mac, iOS, and many others have Gmail app already installed. With a vast database, Gmail never let down their services and going well by continuously adding new features.

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While using such a service you may have come across the situation where you might be getting annoying emails frequently, or someone is spamming your inbox purposely. In this case, you may want to block that person from your Gmail. In this guide, I will tell you how to block someone on Gmail.

Before going to the exact steps, you need to login to your Gmail account. In case if you have forgotten the Gmail password, you have to recover it using ‘forget password method‘.

Now that you have got your password and logged into your account let’s see how to block someone on Gmail step by step.

How to block someone on Gmail

  • Step1: At first open the mail of which you want to block. You can search that person’s name, mail id for the quick lookup.
  • Step2: Now go to drop-down menu from down arrow and click on ‘Block’ option.
    block someone on gmail
  • Step3: From popup dialogue, click on Block button to confirm.
    block someone on gmail

You have now successfully blocked the person on Gmail. Above method works on both PC and phone’s Gmail App.

However, if you are getting the spam emails with different name/mail id having the same pattern, you can block such emails and filter out from your inbox.

How to Block/Filter the spam emails on Gmail

1. Go to settings by clicking on the gear icon on the top right of the dashboard of Gmail.

2. Now click on ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ tab from given options of the settings page.

3. from the page, now click on create new filter box and enter the email id of the sender you want to block.
block someone on gmail

4. If you want to filter the emails by Subject of the mail, then you can add the subject line in the same window. Similarly, you can enter the fields ‘Has a word’, ‘doesn’t have’ also the size of the mail, etc. settings.
block someone on gmail

5. Now click on the Create filter button.

6. Now you will be asked to choose different options like ‘move to spam’, ‘move to trash’, etc., select the option you want and proceed further.

You have now filtered the spam emails on Gmail. Such emails will now go to the spam folder.

How to Unblock the blocked emails

However, you may want to unblock some ids after some time. This can be done by following steps.

  1. By clicking on the gear icon go to settings and then Filters and Blocked Addresses
  2. You can see the list of blocked email id and names here.
  3. Click on the unblock button next to the name/ email ID you want to unblock.
  4. Confirm the unblocking.

How to block someone on Gmail article will help you cleaning your inbox and clearing spam emails. Hope you have liked this article and found it helpful.

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