How to cancel amazon prime membership?

how to cancel amazon prime

About how to cancel amazon prime:  Amazon Prime is Amazon’s newly launched service that provided various prime benefits to the users. Prime subscribers can enjoy the streaming of exclusive videos, free to-day delivery, same day delivery, prime music, free book reading etc. The USP of prime membership is the Video streaming that is exclusively available on Amazon Prime users only.

The costing of Amazon Prime is so aggressive that many peoples have opted for Amazon Prime. Even the giants are giving Amazon Prime free trial for a month to try out their premium video streaming service. However, you may need to cancel amazon prime membership due to some reason, or maybe you didn’t like service during the trial period and didn’t want to continue anymore. This article will tell you how to cancel amazon prime membership.

Amazon Prime Features

Before you choose to cancel Amazon prime subscription, let’s know some features of amazon prime in case you don’t know.

  • Prime Video:- unlimited exclusive video content streaming on all your smart devices
  • FREE Two-Day Shipping:- Free shipping that is usually chargeable for non-prime customers
  • Unlimited music streaming:- unlimited exclusive music streaming
  • Unlimited photo storage:- store all your photos without worrying about storage issues.
  • Unlimited reading:- Amazon Kindle free books
  • FREE Same-Day Delivery:- This is exclusively available for prime members only without extra cost.
  • Prime Early Access – 30 min early access to lightning deals.

Prime Tip – This is observed that in some countries like the US, UK the prime membership automatically renews after the trial period/previous subscription ends. So, if you want to cancel the prime benefits, you may need to do it manually before the renewal date.

A. How to cancel amazon prime free trial

Amazon Prime free trial is available for free for a month. However, you have to add your credit card details, and it will get charged after the trial period is over. Post-trial charges are $12.99/month or ₹999/year with all above features. By following steps below, you can easily cancel amazon prime free trial.

1. At first, you have to log in to our Amazon account by entering an email id and password.

2. Now, from a homepage dashboard, select my account and click “your prime membership” option from the drop-down menu.

How to cancel amazon prime membership? 1

3. In the newly opened window, at the right side of the screen, you can see your prime subscription details, like start date, end date, etc. From here, you can click “End membership“.

how to cancle amazon prime

4. On the new screen, choose to cancel amazon prime subscription, and your membership will be cancelled.

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B. How to cancel amazon prime Paid membership

Once you finish your trial period, you will be charged at the rate which has been mentioned during trial period sign-up. In this case, if you want to cancel your paid subscription, you can do it with the same steps mentioned in the above section.

During the paid cancellation, you will get the refund also based on your usage period. For example, if you used Amazon prime for 15 days out of your 30 days period, you will get the refund according to the remaining 15 days.

Hope this article helped you and you may have to know how to cancel amazon prime membership for both trial period and paid the subscription.