How to block a website on chrome Browser Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone

how to block a website on chrome

Have you ever wondered how to block that irritating site on your PC? Well, here’s the right place to know the answer. This article explains to you how to block a website on chrome browser.

The Internet is full of websites that don’t matter. There are lots of spammy sites out there for just making money and don’t care about visitors. You may want to block those irritating websites. Also, you may wish to your children not to visit sites that they shouldn’t visit. However parental lock is a great feature but if don’t want to lock everything but just some sites, then blocking a website on chrome is a helpful guide for you. Also, you don’t want any user of your PC to browse an Adult content; you can block that site.

How to block a website on Chrome Browser on Windows/ Mac

Follow these simple steps to block a website on chrome browser. This method works on both Windows and Mac version of the Chrome browser.

  • Step1: To block a website on chrome you need to install a Chrome extension on your PC. There are many blocking extensions available in the chrome store. I have provided the most stable and reliable website blocking extension in this link – Website blocker for Chrome
  • Step2: Once you open the extension link above, click on add to chrome button on the top right corner.
    block a website on chrome
  • Step3: Allow the popup asking extension installation permission. Once allowed, the extension begins to install on your PC.
  • Step4: After successful installation of Website blocker extension, you can see an extension website lock icon in beside the address bar of chrome browser ( tools section).
  • Step5: Click on that icon and select options from the menu.
    block a website on chrome on desktop
  • Step6: Here, you can type a list of website URL’s you want to block.
    block a website on chrome
  • Step7: Now, when you visit a site you will be shown a site blocked screen. But from here you can go to settings and disable the blocking. This becomes no use of the plugin. But wait, I have a solution for this also, read ahead.
  • Step8: To completely hide the site blocked screen, you have to redirect the blocked page to some regularly used website. Like
  • Step9: To redirect a blocked page, go to options settings and click a redirect icon from the right side of website’s name.
    block a website on chrome on computer
  • Step10: Type a redirect URL in the provided box. You can type, as it mostly used and the home page of chrome browser.
  • Step11: This tool also contains a blocking of adult sites directly by just a toggle. Also, you can block sites based on keywords.

By this method, you can easily block a website on chrome without knowing the user that you blocked a site.

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How to block a website on Chrome on Android Phone

Above section of the article tells you how you can block the website on PC, but what if you want to block a website on your smartphone? Well, you can also do this. Follow these steps to block a website on an Android phone

  1. From play store, download and install Dr Safety App.
  2. Complete the initial setup process by accepting t&c and allowing some permissions.
  3. Now, from the main screen of the app, click on the features tab (on the bottom of the app).
  4. From an opened list of the menu, click on ‘safe web surfing’ option.
    block a website on chrome on android
  5. Now you will be asked to enable accessibility permission. Follow the instructions to enable it.
  6. Toggle and enable safe web surfing option from the screen.
    block a website on chrome on android
  7. Now click on the + icon and add your desired sites to block.
    block a website on chrome on android
  8. Now that you have successfully added the sites, you can hide the app from the launcher itself so that other user cant access it. Or you can put a lock on the app.

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How to block a website on Chrome on iPhone

iPhone has dedicated parental control feature that lets you block the website on your iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions and enable Restrictions.
  2. Set your password. Remember that you should not use the same password that you use to unlock your phone. set the different password.
  3. Now enter the URLs of the sites that you want to block.
  4. You can also block adult sites by enabling the option “Limit adult content”.
  5. Now, when someone/you try to open the blocked website, you will be asked a passcode.

Summary :

Blocking a website on Chrome browser is the easiest way to the windows computer, Mac computer, Android, and iPhone. Hope this guide helped you on how to block a website on chrome.