How do you unfollow someone on Instagram? [In 1 simple click]

how do you unfollow someone on Instagram

There might be scenarios where you have been following someone on Instagram for a long time but now want to unfollow the profile. Maybe you no longer like the content or lost interest. But How do you unfollow someone on Instagram? That’s what we are discussing today. So let’s get started.

What are the reasons to Unfollow someone on Instagram?

There may be several reasons for unfollowing someone on Instagram-

  • Sometimes you follow someone because you found their posts and content interesting, but over time, it gets repetitive, and you get bored and want to unfollow the creator.
  • Some people give you a follow only to get a follow back, and once you do, they remove their following. So unfollowing them is the right thing to do.
  • Maybe you’ve too many dead accounts on your following list and want to get rid of them.
  • You are no longer friends with someone and don’t want to follow them on social media.
  • Sometimes you get posts from people you don’t remember following.

The possibilities are endless, but the above ones are the most common. Whatever the reason may be, unfollowing a profile is easy. Let’s learn how do you unfollow someone on Instagram from the step by step guide below-

How do you unfollow someone on Instagram?

Unfollowing someone on Instagram is easy. All you need to do is visit their profile. There are several ways to find and see someone’s profile. Let’s learn about them first-

A] How to find the profiles you are following and now want to unfollow-

Finding people you follow and visiting their profile can be done in 3 ways-

  1. If you come across one of their posts you want to unfollow on your feed, click on their username, and it will take you to their profile page.
  2. If you know exactly who you want to unfollow, search for their username or name from the search page and click on it to visit the profile.
  3. Visit your Profile and tap on the ‘Following‘ option. It will show you the list you profiles you are following right now. Select the one you want to unfollow, and it will take you to their profile.
    Click on following

The number shows how many profiles you are following on Instagram. If you tap on the number, you can see the list of profiles you are following with their name and userid.

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B] How do you unfollow someone on Instagram?

Once you visit the profile, you want to unfollow it’s really a one-click job. Tap on the following button and select Unfollow from the menu ( The last option).

Click on following and tap unfollow

That’s it; you have now unfollowed some irrelevant ids from your list.

How to unfollow in Instagram at once?

You can unfollow the person by finding them by the above method, but what if you want to unfollow at once? Although there is no official way to unfollow all at once but can unfollow multiple profiles pretty fast from this method –

  1. GO to Instagram App and tap on your DP at the bottom.
  2. Then tap on the Following option.
  3. You can now view all the profiles that you are following.
  4. To unfollow the profiles you want, tap on the following button, and from the pop-up menu, tap on Unfollow button.

In this way, you can unfollow in Instagram at once from a single page.

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That’s all there is to unfollow someone on Instagram. I hope this guide has helped you. If so, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. It encourages us to write more. Your feedback is valuable to us. Meanwhile, please read our other articles on Instagram or anything related to Tech. We’ve mentioned some of them below.