Why does my Phone say NOT registered on network?

Sometimes, your phone says not registered on network, which means your sim card is not connected to the network. That may cause you serious trouble if you don’t know how to fix it. If it happens, then you will not be able to call someone or connect to the internet. This might result in serious trouble if you have something important to do. Do not worry; in this post, I am going to share the reason and solution of why does my phone say not registered on network.

Why does my Phone say NOT registered on network? 1

This error might be visible on any android device. It may be your sim card problem or your phone’s problem. I am going to mention all the possible reasons behind this problem. After reading this post completely and applying all those methods, you will get a solution to your problem.

There is a function in devices where you need to find the network manually. You have to search networks and select the one according to your carrier. You have to do this if your network settings are not automatic. How to do this? Keep reading this post.

What are the reasons behind Why does my Phone say NOT registered on network?

This error might be from your sim card provider’s end. Or it can be –

  • Your phone’s version is out of date. You might not have updated your phone for years, and the current version of your device is not compatible with the sim card.
  • Your sim card may be damaged.
  • Your network provider may not be selected in the phone settings. If it is manual, then you have to select the network personally.
  • Sim card may be displaced. While inserting the sim card, it might get displaced.
  • Network issues in your area. This could be the best possible reason. Because of the insufficient network, you may face this error.

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Why does my Phone say NOT registered on network??

There are many solutions to this error. I am going to mention all the possible solutions. Try all and check if any of the below process works. Let’s learn –

1. Reboot your device –

Rebooting devices solve all the internal issues of your android phone. Press and hold the power button of your android device and click on reboot. After the phone restarts, check if the error is solved or not. If the issue is solved, then congrats or not solved, then you can follow other processes.select restart option on the power menu on android phone

2. Update your android phone –

Network error could be in the present version of your android device. Update your phone to the latest version that may solve your problem. First of all, go to the settings of your android device. Then click on system & updates. Check if any updates are available for your device. Now click on update phone. If any update is available, then update your phone.

check for updates in settings

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3. Reinsert the sim card –

There might be some problem with the insertion of the sim card. It might not be installed appropriately. Unplug the sim tray and reinsert. And check if the issue is resolved or not.

4. Choose your network manually –

To choose a network manually, go to settingsconnectionsMobile networknetwork operatorsearch now. It will show you the list of available networks in your area. Then choose the network that you are using.

select network manually

5. Changing network mode –

If you are in an area where the network is insufficient, you should change the network mode. You should change the network mode to 3G or 2G from 4G. If you are using jio sim, then it doesn’t provide 3G or 2G services; you should change to 4gG if your network mode is not set yet to that mode.select preferred network

6. Replace Your Sim-

If you do not recharge your sim card for a particular period of time, then your sim services might be abandoned. So, if you have not recharged your sim card in a while, it might be possible that your sim card is closed. Don’t worry; you just need to go to any store of that particular sim company. Share your problem with them. They will tell you to replace the sim card with a new one. It is not free, of course. You will be charged some amount of money. The new sim card with that old number will be activated in a few hours. That’s it, you will now start to get networks in your sim card, and your issue will be resolved.

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7. Use a new sim card –

If you have any other sim card, then insert that sim card into your device. If it starts to show network, then there is a problem with your old sim card. If it does not show network, then you have a problem with your device. You should visit any store and check your phone. You will need to change some hardware parts.


In this post, I talked about the reasons and solutions to why does my phone say not registered on network. I have shared all the possible ways behind this issue, and I have also mentioned all the possible ways to solve this. If you follow all the above-mentioned methods step-by-step, I am sure that your issue will be resolved. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post. Share this with your friends. Thank you for reading.

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