[FIXED] Why browser keeps opening by itself in android smartphone?

Why browser keeps opening by itself in android smartphone

Android is an open-source operating system specially designed for Smartphones. Android has become the world’s most used operating system in a smartphone. Ability to have customizable features to building own skin, many smartphone companies are using Android as an Operating system. With the increasing userbase and phone models, smartphone companies can’t keep track of update schedules and bug fixes, leading to a bad user experience. Also, to get more functionality, we tend to install apps that are not on the play store, leading to installing malicious apps on your phone.

Due to such apps and some other reason, there is one issue that you may be facing; the browser keeps opening by itself in Android. The issue is so annoying that sometimes, the browser keeps opening repeatedly, and you can’t use your phone. In a different scenario, when you unlock the phone, the ad keeps opening in the browser. I have faced this issue in the past and, as a tech enthusiast, found a way to fix this issue and precautions to take to stop arising such issue. In this guide, we will know the answer to why browser keeps opening by itself in Android smartphones and precautions to take to avoid such issues.

Why browser keeps opening by itself in android?

There are several reasons why your browser keeps opening with ads or blank pages; we will discuss some of them in the following section –

  1. Downloading third-party apps from unknown sources over the internet leads to install malicious apps on your android phone. These apps take access to a browser and push ads to open randomly or whenever you unlock your phone.
  2. Some websites ask you to allow notifications to be sent on your notification area and gain access to open the random pages on their own.
  3. Instant apps feature introduced by android opens the website instantly after accidental tap on the shortcut on the home screen, apps screen.

You can fix the issue, and you will get the answer to Why browser keeps opening by itself in Android smartphones.

Easy Fix on how to fix ‘Why my browser keeps opening by itself in Android smartphone?’

We will discuss the easy and DIY fixes which you can do with your phone in few minutes –

Method 1 – Remove ‘No Name App’ from the installed apps.

While installing a third-party app from the internet, usually install a malicious app. These apps are generally don’t have a name, and you can not see it in the app list. Such apps will start sending full-screen popup ads and automatically opens browser to load some spammy pages, ads or news articles, etc.

Identify and remove such apps on your from the apps list –

  1. Open Settings on your android phone.
  2. From the settings options, select the Apps option. Depending upon your smartphone model, this option may have different names. Find the right option that has a list of all installed apps.
  3. On the installed app list, scroll all the way down at the bottom you can see the app that doesn’t have any name. It’s literally blank.
  4. Uninstall this app and restart your phone.

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Method 2 – Clear Notifications access to particular sites from browser settings

Some sites ask you to send push notifications and then opens such notifications on the browser. It’s better not to allow any kind of push notifications from any random site.

To clear the notification access from the Chrome Browser

  1. Open settings in chrome browser.
  2. Go to the Site Settings option.
    tap on site settings in chrome settings
  3. Then select the Notifications option.
    tap on notifications option
  4. Now, tap on the site name and select the ‘REMOVE’ option.
    select remove option to clear push notification from browser
  5. Do this for all unwanted and unrecognized sites.
  6. Done!

Clear the notification access from Firefox

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Tap on the Site Permissions.
  3. Then select ‘Notifications.’
  4. Tap on the Exceptions option at the bottom.
  5. Now, select the site name and tap on the ‘Clear Permissions‘ button.

Method 3 – Reset browser Settings to clear the preferences

You can also clear the preferences and remove any browser as a default browser.

  1. Go to the browser app info page from the android settings.
  2. Then tap on the Clear Data option to clear the all clear all the data and reset it to default settings.

Restart the phone to get rid of browser keeps opening by itself in android.

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