How to screen record with sound on Android without app?

How to screen record with sound on Android without app? 1

Screen recording is one of the useful features that an android device has. Screen record helps you record whatever you are doing on your mobile screen, as its name suggests. But if you did not find any setting about this and you use a third-party application to record your screen, then this post will be worth reading for you. As in this post, I am going to share the process of how to screen record with sound on Android without App.

Sometimes, you need to help your friends or family members do a certain thing. This becomes easy when you share a video tutorial with them. But sometimes, it does not record audio. So, this becomes a critical issue. In this post, I am going to solve that for you.

If your phone has less storage and you do not want to download any application, then you need to find the screen record setting on your device. It is available on almost all devices. If you are unable to find this feature, then I will be your guide to help you find the settings.

If you are a YouTuber or a video creator and you post tutorials that need to record the screen, then you need to find a way to do that. There are many applications available to record your mobile screen. But with those apps come lots of problems like the heavy-weight app, mobile heating issues; some app shows their logo when you record your mobile screen; to remove that, you need to pay. But, if you use the inbuilt screen recorder, then you will not need to face these issues.

This screen recording feature is in-built in some android 10 devices and available in android 11. If you have android 10, then you can easily find this setting and use this. Some devices with android 10 have this feature, not in all android 10 devices.

How to screen record with sound on Android without app?

To record screen of your android device, you don’t need to follow hectic processes. The steps of doing so are simple. Steps are-

  • First of all, pull down the notification bar.
  • Pull down again to expand the menu.
  • Then search for the screen recorder option.
    screen recorder option in control center
  • If it is not on the first page, then swipe left to reveal more settings. If you don’t find the setting, then you can also configure the notification panel. Click on the edit icon, and you will be able to add or remove any shortcut from the notification panel. Add screen record option from the list.
    edit icons to add screen rocoring icon
  • If you have found the screen recorder, then tap and hold that to go to the settings of screen recorder.
  • When the setting page is opened, you get to see many settings.
  • Click on the audio source. Audio source gives you many options like using internal audio, microphone audio, and it also gives you the option not to record any audio.
  • Then click on microphone audio to record audio with your microphone.

That’s it. In the future, whenever you will click the screen record option, it will start recording your mobile screen; your voice will also be recorded.

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How to screen record with sound in android 10 or below?

If you are using an android device with below 10 android versions, then this feature may not be in-built into your device. What you need to do is you need to download a third-party application. There are many apps available in the market; I am going to mention a couple of apps –

  1. AZ screen recorder – I had personally used this when I did not have screen recorder function in my phone. This app helps you to record your mobile screen with sound. You just need to install the application from the play store and ready to use. Go to the app’s setting, and you will get a lot of functions of the app. You can choose the audio source; you can configure the quality of your screen recorded videos etc. Start the app; a timer will be shown on your screen; after the timer stops, your screen will start recording. A group of buttons will also be shown on your screen, like pause, stop, etc. You can quickly stop the video by clicking on the stop button. Your screen recordings will be saved on your phone. That is it. It is simple to use and easy to configure.
  2. Mobizen – Another app that has the same functionality as the AZ screen recorder is mobizen. Go to the play store and download the Mobizen screen recorder. You can configure all of its settings by going to its setting page. Just turn on the app, and your screen will start to record itself. You can quickly stop, pause by the buttons shown on the screen. After you have completed recording your screen, stop the video, your video will be saved on your phone.

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How to find android version of your device?

You can easily find the android version of your phone by going through a few settings. First of all, go to the settings menu and then click on about phone. There you will see an option with the android version. This way, you can check the android version of your android device.

How to turn ON screen record option from the developer option?

If you are not able to find the screen record option, then you need to make a few changes in the settings of your phone. First of all, go to settings in your phone and go to about phone, then click on build number a few times until you see a pop-up showing that you are now a developer. Now go back and find developer options settings. Click on the developer option and open it. Scroll down till you find the screen record option, turn the setting on. That’s it; now, you will get the screen record function on your device.

developer option enabled

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Conclusion –

In this post, I have taught you How to screen record with sound on Android without app. You don’t need to install any apps; if the setting is in-built in your device, you just need to find this. I have also shared a few apps with you if you don’t have this setting. I hope you have liked reading this post. If you have any suggestions or feedback, let me know in the comments. Thank you.