How to fix “Moisture has been detected” warning on Samsung Devices

FIX Moisture has been detected

If you are a Samsung user, you might have come across Moisture has been detected warning on your phone. This is the feature included in flagship phones and mid-range phones nowadays. The feature disable the charging of the device when the charger plugged in to ensure the safety of the charging port. If you are unable to charge your Samsung device due to this warning, then we have a solution for this. Read the guide to know how to fix Moisture has been detected issue warning on Samsung smartphones.

Why Moisture has been detected warning occurs on Samsung Smartphone

As mentioned above, this is the feature to prevent damage to the charging port due to water. No company wants their device being damaged due to water contact. There is a sensor installed near the charging port, which detects a minimal amount of water droplets or even moisture that comes in contact with the charging port.

The sensor then sends a signal to the motherboard to stop taking intake current and therefore stops charging the phone. The screen then shows the warning, “moisture has been detected. Unplug the charger and wait until both the charger and USB Port are dry“.

Moisture has been detected fixes

1. Use soft Cotton felt – Get the smooth cotton felt and wrap it around the toothpick. Clean the charging port by this method and wait for some time to dry it out.

2. Rice – Deep your phone under the rice for one hour to remove all the moisture stuck under the charging port.

3. Vacuum Cleaner – Use a vacuum cleaner on first or 2nd-speed mode and hold it against the charging port for five minutes to remove moisture or water droplets.

4. Keep the phone in mild sunlight – Keep your phone under gentle sunlight(morning session) for 5 to 10 minutes and try charging the phone.

5. Use scalpel – If none of the above methods work and “moisture has been detected error” is still showing, then there is a chance that charging terminals accumulated the rust. Use a scalpel and scratch the terminals gently to remove the rust. This action needs to performed very carefully, and gently otherwise, you may end up ultimately damaging the charging port.

6. Try using a different cable – Sometimes using different charging cable can fix moisture has been detected warning.

7. Use wireless charging – if unfortunately none of the method works for you, then rely on wireless charging if your device supports. Finally, visit the service center to get the port fixed.

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Prevent moisture getting inside the charging port

I hope you have fixed the issue, but to prevent this issue occurring in the future, you can follow these simple tips.

  1. Even if your phone is water-resistant, dont put your phone underwater.
  2. If by chance the phone comes in contact with water, first turn it off and then put it on rice overnight.
  3. Do not put your phone against a moving stream of water; this action may completely damage the microphone, charging port, audio port, or even screen.
  4. If you keep your phone in pocket, regularly remove the phone to clean. This action is needed to prevent droplets from getting accumulated on the phone due to body sweating.
  5. Use water-resistant pouches during the rainy season.

The same prevention methods apply to other electronic devices that you carry with you.

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“moisture has been detected” error is a feature that prevents charging the Samsung devices. There are some quick fixes to remove this warning. I have explained all the methods in detailed, hope you have fixed your phone’s warning issue.