How to Record screen in Windows 10 without any software

how to record screen in windows 10 without any software

If you play games using your PC, sometimes you just wish you knew how to record screen in windows 10. Because sometimes you achieve something really amazing while playing a difficult game. Like defeating the main boss without losing any health, solving a puzzle in your first attempt, performing perfect combo attacks, performing a headshot from very far away, or just simply recording your gameplay and uploading it to Youtube or Facebook to share it with your friends. Not only while gaming but there are several other instances where it’s quite helpful to record the screen of your PC.

You don’t need to worry anymore because today in this article, we will learn how to record screen in windows 10 without any software. Because Windows 10 has a built-in feature to record your screen without installing any plugins or additional applications. Here is How you can do that-

How to record screen in windows 10 without any software

There are two easy methods to start screen recording on Windows 10 PC –

  1. Using Game Bar
  2. Using Shortcuts

Method 1 – How To Record Screen in Windows 10 without any software using Game Bar

You can use Windows 10 inbuilt feature – XBOX Game Bar to easily record screen on your desktop or laptop.

  1. Click on the Start button to bring up the Start Menu
  2. Type ‘Game Bar’ in the search bar. this will bring up the app called “Xbox Game Bar“. Alternatively, use the key combination shortcut  ‘Windows Key+G‘. Don’t get confused by the name, you don’t need an Xbox to run this application. It’s a standalone free built-in application of Windows 10.
  3. Press Start Button to search Xbox Game Bar
    This will bring up the Xbox Game Bar Experience and you can see a bar windows pop up on the screen, click the capture button in the middle of that Bar window.
  4. Xbox game Bar and Capture Window
    This will bring up another window called Capture on the top left of the screen like shown in the screenshot below. Here in this window, the first button that looks like a camera within a circle is the button to capture a screenshot of your current screen. But that’s not what we are here for.
    How to Record screen in Windows 10 without any software 1
  5. In the same window click the third button that looks like a circle with a white dot in it( refer to the screenshot above). Click this button and it will start recording the screen.

These are the basic 5 steps needed to start recording your screen. But wait, this can be done in an even simpler way by just using some shortcuts.

Method 2 – How To Record Screen in Windows 10 without any software Using Gamebar Shortcuts only

  • To open Xbox Game Bar = Windows Key+G
  • To take a screenshot = Windows Key+Alt Key+PrtSrn
  • To Start/Stop screen recording = Windows Key+Alt Key+R
  • To record last 30 seconds = Windows Key+Alt Key+G
  • To turn On/Off microphone = Windows Key+Alt Key+M

Note: In case you ever forgot the shortcut key combinations mentioned in this article, you’ll find them in the Xbox Game Bar>Settings>Shortcuts tab

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Now that you know how to record screen in Windows 10, let’s learn from where you can get the recorded video files.

Locate recorded video file on Windows 10

Once you start recording, you’ll be notified with a timer in the top right corner of your screen. Here you’ll get an option to stop recording along with a button to turn On/Off the microphone. You can also stop recording from the Capture window as well.

Note: You can change the settings of the microphone from the settings menu. There are three setting options to choose from. You can allow the microphone to only record internal audio, you can record internal audio along with everything else in your surroundings including your own voice or you can choose to record without any audio.

After you’ve completed recording your screen, you can access the files using the same Capture window you’ve started recording the screen with. In that window, you will find an option called show all captures. This will show all the screen recordings you’ve captured till now. What you can also do is, click on the folder button which says, open in file explorer, which will lead you to the actual location where all your screen recordings are stored. Alternatively, you can manually browse the location in which all the recordings are stored. The path to the location is-

This PC > C Drive > User > Your Username > Videos > Capture

Now you can do whatever you want with it. You can also customize your Xbox Game Bar application. In the Settings>Personalization tab you can change the app theme to light or dark.

There are several other ways to learn how to record screen in windows 10 without any software, but those require some third-party applications to be downloaded and installed.  If you are interested to know any other ways of how to record screen in windows 10 do let us know in the comment section below this article. Saygeeks team would be happy to help.