How to enable hidden dark theme for Windows 10 in almost everywhere

enable dark theme for windows 10

Windows has emerged more with Windows 10. making it better with regular updates, Microsoft has provided a dark mode in Windows 10. However, the default dark mode is just restricted to the settings app and also disabled by default. You need to enable it to take effect. Although, there are some tricks to get a dark theme for the nearly whole window including settings app, File manager, Microsoft Office apps, For Browsers, etc. This article explains to you how to enable this hidden dark theme for Windows 10 PC.

Enable Dark theme for Windows 10

To start with, Windows 10 has a default dark mode in settings. But, as earlier mentioned, it is applicable only for settings app. But, we are going to enable dark mode for Windows in every possible area. Let’s get started then-

Enable Dark Mode for Windows 10 Settings and Apps

enable windows 10 dark theme

1. To enable default dark mode for windows 10, open the settings.

2. Open the Personalisation option from the shown settings menu.

3. From the left-side menu, click on Colors option to open it.

4. Now, scroll little down and from “choose your default app mode,” select a Dark option.

This windows 10 universal dark theme only applies for Settings and some Windows 1pps that are installed from Windows store. But it all depends upon the developer to integrate the dark theme in their apps.

Enable Dark mode in Microsoft office

How to enable hidden dark theme for Windows 10 in almost everywhere 1

Microsoft office is also a frequently used app on the computer. That’s why Microsoft included a dark mode in Office apps. No so dark, but its a grey, but that’s Ok.

1. Open any office App, e.g. Excel, and create the new blank file.

2. Now, click on File option from the menu.

3. Go to Options, the last option of the drop-down list.

4. The new popup window with a bunch of options appears on Screen.

5. From the General settings, find “Personalize your copy of windows” section.

6. Now under ‘Office theme, select “dark grey” mode.

Tap Ok, and you are good to go with dark Microsoft office. Viola!! you have added one more app to enhance Dark theme for Windows 10.

Enable dark mode for Microsoft Edge browser

enable windows 10 dark theme


The default browser, Microsoft Edge also integrated dark mode to enhance the User Experience.

1. Open the Edge browser and click on settings and More icon ( horizontal three dots) or press Alt+X.

2. Now open the Settings, the last option of the menu.

3. From the various options, under Choose theme, select “Dark” Theme Option.”

You are done. You have now successfully enabled the dark theme for Windows 10 Microsoft edge.

Enable Dark theme for Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Well, some users prefer to use other browsers than Microsoft edge. You can enable the dark theme for other browsers too.

For Chrome/ Firefox / Opera, you can do this with Extensions.

Let’s see how it can be done with chrome. ( for others, it’s nearly similar)

1. ope the chrome web store and search the “dark theme.”

2. select the appropriate theme. I have chosen ” dark theme for Google Chrome.”

3. Once you click on “Add to Chrome,” your Chrome browser turns into Dark.

Now you have added one more app in the list of windows 10 dark mode.

Enable Dark mode in Windows Explorer/ File Explorer

enable windows 10 dark theme

Windows File Explorer is also the most frequently used. However, windows explorer is not included in the windows default dark theme. But, you can enable it through alternative options.

1. Ope the Settings and select “Ease of Acess.”

2. Select the “High Contrast” option from the left side menu.

3. Now toggle the “Turn on high contrast” option to turn it ON.

4. Select “High Contrast Black”  mode in choosing a theme option.

You have enabled the dark theme for windows explorer. Although, this option makes windows a little weird. This dark mode feels not good, and windows need to enhance this option.

With these all options, you can sufficiently get a dark theme for windows 10 infrequently used areas.

If you are still not satisfied with the inbuilt tricks to get windows 10 dark mode, you can use third party themes to get dark mode everywhere in windows 10.

Use Windows 10 Dark Themes to get dark mode everywhere

Here is a list of some themes that you can use to turn Windows into dark mode.

  1. Windows blinds
  2. Nocturnal Windows 10 Dark Theme
  3. Penumbra 10 Dark Theme
  4. Nost Metro
  5. Ubuntu Dark Theme

Rember that, installing custom dark mode theme on windows 10, some can make significant changes to your system file. Due to such changes, some of the windows features won’t work as expected or can’t behave normally.

If you run into some trouble, you may want to restore your previous version of windows. You can do this by going advanced boot options or before installing such themes, USB recovery drive.

Hope this guide helped you to get a Dark theme for Windows 10 PC. IF you have some doubts, question, you can ask them in the comment section below.