How to fix Android Wifi Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting? [7 easy fixes]

Does your Android WIFI keeps disconnecting and reconnecting? Then you are not alone who is facing this particular problem in their devices. Nowadays, an Internet connection is an essential need in our day-to-day life. And in such a situation, if you face this connection problem, then it won’t be quite pleasant. In a current pandemic situation where you have to Work From Home, you should get a consistent internet connection so that work will not be interrupted.

How to fix Android Wifi Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

There might generally be a couple of reasons that cause the cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting the wifi connection on your android phone. It may be a faulty router, bad network sharing apps, or something else. So, in today’s article “How to fix Android WIFI keeps disconnecting and reconnecting?” we will show you all the possible methods that you can follow to fix your faulty connection problems.

How to fix Android WIFI keeps disconnecting and reconnecting?

We have sorted the following ways that will help you to fix the problem of Android WIFI keeps disconnecting and reconnecting:

  1. Reconnecting To Your WIFI Network
  2. Disabling All Your Indulging Applications
  3. Reset Your Device’s Network Settings
  4. Reboot Your Phone
  5. Check Your Router Settings
  6. Restart Your Router
  7. Update Your Routers Firmware

1. Reconnecting To Your WIFI Network

This is the easiest way to fix your Androids WIFI getting disconnected and reconnected randomly. You just have to reconnect to the preferred WIFI network from the setting. Here are the steps that you can follow –

  • Step1: Go to your smartphone settings.
  • Step2: Click on Network and Internet options.tap on network and internet settings
  • Step3: Go to the settings option at the side of your preferred WIFI connected wifi network settings
  • Step4: Tap on Forget button. This will delete the stored WIFI connection id from your device.forget the connected wifi network
  • Step5: Now connect to that network again.

We are hopeful your issue will get fixed by following the above simple steps. But if not, stay tuned for the following troubleshooting.

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2. Disabling All Your Indulging Applications

Sometimes Android WIFI keeps disconnecting and reconnecting due to some indulging apps like VPNs or other Network sharing apps. You can just stop using or disable such apps from your device to fix the issue. However, it would be best to keep an eye on the antivirus applications installed in your smart devices that can cause random disconnection from the WIFI network. Most of the users have claimed that restricting those antivirus applications has fixed their problem. So, you can definitely give it a try. And if the problem still persists, we have others steps for you to follow.

3. Reset Your Device’s Network Settings

Sometimes just refreshing all your phone’s network settings like WIFI settings, cellular network settings or Bluetooth connectivity, etc., proves to help fix the issue. And for refreshing your network settings, you just have to reset it from your Android device setting. We have listed down the steps to follow.

Based on your phone’s custom UI, the following steps may vary a little but, you will get these settings in every android phone.

  • Step1: Go to your phone Settings.
  • Step2: Scroll down and select system settings
  • Step3: From the advanced drop-down menu, select Reset options.tap on reset
  • Step4: Click on Reset WIFI mobile and Bluetooth.
  • Step5: Now click on the Reset settings button on your screen.

You can successfully reconnect to your WIFI network after following the above steps.

It may also happen that the router has some issue and needs to be replaced. You can connect your phone to another router and check if the problem is solved. If its confirmed that your router is faulty then it’s time to get the new best router for your home.

4. Reboot Your Phone

This traditional technique can fix almost all the problems that you are facing on your Android device. And according to most Android users, it is not only a myth and can really help you out rebooting your phone fix many problems regarding network and connectivity. So, you can try it once to fix your Android WIFI getting disconnected and reconnected randomly.

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5. Check Your Router Settings

Sometimes a problem is not in your phone settings but your WIFI router. So, you must ensure that your device is not blocked from accessing the WIFI network. You can check it by signing in to the admin panel. It displays all the devices that are blocked or blacklisted from accessing the network. If you find your device in the list, just remove it from there. Now connect to the WIFI network to seed your if the problem is solved or not.

6. Restart Your Router

If you don’t find your device’s name on the blacklist of routers admin panel, then there must be any problem with the router. You can fix it by simply restarting the router. After restarting your router, connect your device to the WIFI to see if the problem is fixed or not.

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7. Update Your Routers Firmware

Our last method in the article ” How to fix Android WIFI disconnecting and reconnecting is to update your router’s firmware. Firmware updates bring new features and fix issues if there are any in your router. So, you can try updating your router to fix the issue of WIFI connectivity in your device.
All the methods discussed above are based on tests and researches made by our professional technical team. So we hope after reading this article you will find it helpful and fix the issue of Android WIFI keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.

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Fixing the wifi problem is an easy task and can be performed by anyone without any data loss. In this guide, we have seen seven easy methods that will solve Android Wifi Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting issue. Do let us know your queries/doubts/suggestions in the comment section below.

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