How to use YouTube picture in picture mode on any device

YouTube picture in picture mode on any device

Android’s Picture in Picture mode is USP feature that comes with Android Oreo 8.0/8.1 and above. However, there is a limited number of apps that currently support Picture in Picture mode. In the list of supported devices, YouTube App still not included instead YouTube Red is supported. This article explains how to use picture in picture mode for youtube on any device.

Steps to use YouTube Picture in Picture mode on any Android device

As there is no official way to use PIP mode prior to Oreo versions, we have a little trick to get it working. This method doesn’t need root access or system modification. Follow these few steps to get it working

  1. First, you need to install the Telegram app on your Android device and log in with your phone number.
  2. Now, add a youtube Bot on your telegram from this link:
  3. Now, type /auth and send it inside youtube bot
  4. A bot will ask you to log in to your youtube account. Don’t worry, it will be redirected you to Auth2.0 type of login method and it is secure.
  5. Once logged in, you will now start getting your subscribed youtube channels updates. Once you get any video, click on it.
  6. At first, the video will start playing within the telegram bottom section. Here, click on the picture in picture mode icon art bottom bar.
  7. Your video will now start playing on a floating window which you can drag anywhere on the screen.
  8. Click on the home button to minimize the telegram App. You will now get youtube video playing on top of the screen just like the picture in picture mode. ( Don’t press back button as this will close the telegram app and you won’t able to play youtube videos in the picture in picture mode).

With these simple steps, you can easily use Picture in Picture mode on any device for the YouTube application.

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However, Oreo users still can’t use Picture in Picture mode as standard youtube app doesn’t support it. But, as a visitor of saygeeks, we will present you a trick for using Picture in Picture mode on YouTube App. This trick also doesn’t require any root access or system modification.

How to use Picture in Picture mode on Youtube

Here you have to install the modded apk of Youtube App called Youtube Vanced. Follow these steps to use PIP in Youtube

  1. At first, you need to enable “install the app from unknown sources” by going to settings- security settings.
  2. Download Youtube Vanced Apk from below download button

    Download Youtube Vanced APK

  3. Also, you need to install youtube MicroG app to be able to login to youtube Vanced App.

    Download MicroG iYTBP apk

  4. Once you download both apps, install them all.
  5. Now to ignore two notifications from the normal app and vanced app, you need to disable/ uninstall the original youtube app. Once you do that, open the Youtube Vanced App.
  6. Login with your Gmail id and you will see the advanced version of youtube app.
  7. You can use dark mode in if you want by going to settings and enabling dark mode option.

Now you can play any video and enjoy Picture in Picture Mode in Youtube videos at any time.

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Hope you get the amazing trick for using YouTube picture in picture mode on any device and also using PIP mode in Youtube app for oreo devices.