Why is my taskbar white? [3 easy fixes]

Why is my taskbar white

The taskbar is one of the most important aspects of any Windows operating system. It is literally the most used object in the entire Windows platform. From getting into the Start Menu to accessing the simplest notifications, the taskbar is an essential part of Windows. So when one day my taskbar looked a little weird and out of place, I asked myself, “Why is my taskbar white?” The accent color was not matching the rest of the theme I applied on my Windows 10. It was opaque rather than transparent. Though it didn’t affect any functionality of the taskbar, it was an eye sour for me to look at.

Why is my Taskbar White?

There is no apparent reason for the taskbar to turn white suddenly, but it seems a Window update caused the issue for many users. But every time there is a problem, there is a workaround too. So we’ve come up with some fixes to revert your taskbar to its original appearance. We will go from the simplest to complex fixes in chronological order to make it easy to understand. So, try the fixes one by one, and if the first one doesn’t work, move to the next solution and so on. So let’s get started-

Why is my taskbar white FIX 1- [A] Change taskbar settings

Sometimes, your taskbar can pick that color and turn it white if you use wallpaper with a white background. To prevent that from happening, we will change a little taskbar setting.

  • Step 1: First, Right-Click on the taskbar and select Taskbar settings. this is located at the very bottom.
    Right click and select taskbar settings
  • Step 2: Now, select the Colors tab from the left panel and scroll down to the bottom to find the ‘Show accent color on the following surfaces’ option. Uncheck Start, taskbar, and action center from here.
    Uncheck start, taskbar, and action centre
  • Step 3: Now, scroll a little up on the same window to find the ‘Choose your accent color’ option. From here, Uncheck the ‘Automatically pick an accent color from my background’ option.
    Disable automaatic accent picker

This should change the Taskbar color to normal again. If it doesn’t, let’s move on to the next fix-

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Why is my taskbar white FIX 1- [B] Change taskbar settings

If the last solution didn’t fix the problem for you, now do this-

  • Step 1: On the same Taskbar settings window on the Colors tab, find ‘Choose your color’ and see if it’s selected as white. If it is, change it to the Dark option.
  • Step 2: Now, turn on the Transparency effect if it’s not already turned on.
    Transparency effect on

Why is my taskbar white FIX 1- Region Setting

Temporarily changing the region to somewhere where Cortana is unavailable sometimes fixes this issue. Let’s try that-

  • Step 1: From the Start Menu, go to Settings. Alternatively, press the Windows+I key on your keyboard to launch the Settings.
  • Step 2: From here, go to ‘Time & language.’
    Go to time and language settings
  • Step 3: Now select the Region tab from the left panel and select any region where Cortana is unavailable. For example- We have selected Taiwan.
    Go to region and select taiwan
  • Step 4: Now, from the start menu, click on the Profile picture and select Signout.
    click on profile picture and sign out
  • Step 5: Now, Log in again to your Microsoft account.
  • Step 6; Now repeat the first few steps to revert to your original Region.

These 3 easy fixes should solve your issue and turn your taskbar normal again. Let us know if we help you answer your question “Why is my taskbar white?” in the comment section below.