Aside from iOS 17, here are iOS 16.6 stable version features to excite you

Aside from iOS 17, here are iOS 16.6 stable version features to excite you 1

While the world is buzzing about the upcoming iOS 17 in the fall, Apple is silently polishing iOS 16.6, which is expected to roll out this month. Of course, it won’t be as big as iOS 17, but some noteworthy additions to the update still deserve attention.

According to reports and previous announcements from Apple itself, these additional features coming to iOS 16.6 won’t be that big. Yet, they can be very useful since some tap the system’s security section. To start, there’s the iMessage Contact Key Verification that Apple first announced last December. The feature will give users another option to verify that the recipient of their messages or someone they are talking to is really the person they trust. And in case of an “exceptionally advanced adversary” has managed to eavesdrop on the supposedly encrypted communications, the activated feature will provide automatic alerts. According to the company, it is designed to give users better security assurance when using their devices. Apple added that this would specifically benefit individuals who “face extraordinary digital threats,” including journalists, human rights activists, and government officials.

Apple’s security improvements also extend to the pairing process of new Matter accessories. According to Apple, when making a pair and the app being used employs an unsecured pairing process, a warning prompt will appear, encouraging users to “proceed with caution as your current device setting allows unauthorized access to Matter accessories.” The prompt will also suggest managing the said setting in the Device Management section in the Settings app.

In the visuals section, Apple is adding new Beats Studio Buds + icon colors on IOS. Specifically, Gadget Hacks pointed out that ivory and transparent Beats Studio Buds + icon images will arrive on iOS 16.4. It is not a big deal, but this should now allow Beats Studio Buds + users to view the proper colors of icons for their accessories. Another small addition can be seen in the iCloud for Windows security prompt, which will alert you when your iPhone and Windows PC (which you use to sign in with a verification code) are not using the same network.

The News app is also getting a small change in terms of sharing sports scores or scheduled games. In iOS 16.6, you should be able to instantly access the “Share Game” option when you long press the ellipsis icon in the sports score or scheduled game. This removes the need to access the button inside the game itself.

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