Apple boosts iPhone’s identity, contact detail-sharing capability in iOS 17

Apple boosts iPhone’s identity, contact detail-sharing capability in iOS 17 1

Apple wants iPhones to be more useful in verifying your identity and sharing your contact details with others. The company is addressing this in the changes that will be introduced in iOS 17, which is now in the beta stage.

According to the company, starting in the official release of iOS 17, iPhone users should be able to share their IDs stored in their Apple Wallet with businesses requiring it for certain purchases. This will be helpful for stores wanting to verify their customer’s identity and details before handing them services. For instance, bars and other places selling alcohol can find this system valuable for their businesses.

However, it is worth noting that support for the ID storage feature in Apple Wallet is still pretty limited. Currently, it is only available in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, and Maryland, though Apple mentioned plans of expanding it to more places in the US, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Connecticut, Iowa, and more. That said, the ID verification for businesses in iOS 17 should only benefit a very limited number of iPhone users.

On the other hand, Apple announced a new feature for iPhones and Apple Watch to share your contact information by simply bringing your device next to another one. Called “NameDrop,” this functionality builds on Apple’s AirDrop. In iOS 17, users will be able to use a new gesture, which will be in a sort of bumping action of two phones. When performed, the motion will trigger a sharing action of contact information, allowing the devices to exchange contact details. This will enable an easier and more convenient way of sharing your details, especially when meeting several new people during events.

The features will arrive in iOS 17 on certain iPhone models. Apple Developer Program members with devices eligible for the update can now get the developer beta of iOS 17, while others can expect the public beta availability next month. Meanwhile, the official release of the update is expected this fall.