How to reduce Brightness below minimum Windows 10?

How to reduce Brightness below minimum Windows 10

If your eyes are hurting while using your computer and the brightness of your computer is the lowest, but still you need to decrease the brightness a bit more but don’t know how to do it, then you are in the right post. Here, I will share a few ways; by applying these, you can reduce brightness below minimum Windows 10.

Need of reducing rightness level below minimum Windows 10 –

You may work a lot sitting in front of your computer. This makes your eyes strained. So you want to reduce the brightness. At night the lowest brightness is more than normal. Reducing brightness below minimum helps you protect your eyes, improves your sleep. You need to reduce the brightness level to below minimum.

After upgrading to Windows 10, the screen brightness seems brighter than usual. You may face some issues like not being able to decrease the brightness etc., after hardware changes. In that case, you need an alternate way to reduce the brightness levels.

If you are facing issues like brightness not working, then your display driver may be outdated. Outdated drivers make other functions stop. You can try updating your drivers.

There are many tools you can use to reduce the brightness below minimum, but all these tools aren’t handy. I have made it easy for you to choose the correct one by sorting these tools.

I have mentioned all the tools that I have found helpful. You can try the methods one by one and see which one works for you.

How to reduce brightness below minimum Windows 10 Without Any Third-Party Apps?

You can also change the brightness without using any external tool. Just follow the below-mentioned ways.

1. Through Graphics Settings

  • Right-click on desktop
  • Then click on Intel Graphics Settings
    select intel graphics settings
  • Now click on display
    click on display option
  • Then click on color settings.
    select color settings in graphics tool
  • Adjust brightness and contrast. Then click on apply.
    reduce brightness below minimun using graphics settings

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2. Through turning on night mode:

Turning on night mode can make the screen look dimmer. Night mode decreases the blue light.

Steps you need to follow:

  • Press the Windows icon on the keyboard or click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Search for night light and press enter.
  • Turn it on. You can all adjust the levels. You can schedule the timings too.

change brightness from nigh mode settings

3. Through Windows Mobility to reduce brightness below minimum windows 10

You can also change the brightness of your computer. To access this, press win+x and click Mobility Center.

click on mobility center option

There you can adjust your brightness to the lowest levels.

reduce brightness below minimun through mobility center

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4. Through Battery Saver:

Windows 10 has a battery saver feature that limits notifications and background activity. You can turn this on, which will automatically lower the brightness level.

To do this:

  • Press Win+I to open settings
  • Then go to System>Battery
  • Select the value when you want to apply battery saver.
  • Check the box Lower screen brightness while in battery saver.

change brightness from battery saver settings

You can also manually turn the battery saver on whenever you want by turning the battery saver on.

You can change the brightness through brightness bar. If the brightness bar is not there, go to control panel – device manager- monitor- PNP monitor – driver tab and click enable. Then go back to brightness bar and see if this is working or not. If this is working, then adjust the bar to control the brightness.

Free Tools To Reduce Brightness Below Minimum Windows 10:


MonitorBright is a lightweight tool; it is around 20kb. It helps you reduce the brightness without using physical keys. This is so simple that you don’t need to install this; you can drop the program files on your hard drive or any USB. Just download and launch. It will set your pc with automatic brightness.

MonitorBright tool

Download Link –

Go to the notification bar and find MonitorBright. You can set the scale in a custom scale. You can enter 0% to 100% and hit enter. MonitorBright will set the brightness will change the brightness of your pc as you are selected. Click on exit to remove it

2. PangoBright

PangoBright is another lightweight tool. Its size is around 120kb.  Just download, and you will find this in your screen’s system tray. It is with a black background and a P letter on it. Head towards the notification bar and find PangoBright; you can select brightness from 20% to 100%. It is an easy-to-use tool. You can easily exit the application just by clicking exit.

PangoBright tool

Download link –

3. Dimmer

Dimmer is another handy tool to reduce brightness below minimum. Dimmer is a small & free tool application for windows to control the brightness of your computer. It can decrease brightness of all types of monitors like LED, LCD, etc.

dimmer tool

Download link –

I personally like this because of its interface. It is easy to use & fast. Just download, extract the setup file, and double click on extract files to launch. You don’t’ need to even download this. Go to the notification bar and find Dimmer. Click on configure. Slide the bar to reduce the brightness according to your wish.


FluxBright is another good tool. Flux always makes you feel like the room you are in. It can automatically change brightness in daylight and at night, according to your preferences. It has different modes, like switching brightness mode to movie mode, bedroom mode, or night mode. I guess night mode is a necessary thing for you. You can easily exit this through its interface.

FluxBright tool

Download link –

Some people don’t’ like this because it makes the screen color orange. In that case, you can turn off this where you don’t’ want to get an orange screen.

You can use shortcut keys to dim or increase the brightness. You can press Alt+Page Down to dim screen brightness or alt+Page Up to increase screen brightness.

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I hope now you know how you can reduce brightness below minimum windows 10. If you have really, then share this with your friends and let me know your feedback below in the comments box.