How to read snapchat messages without them knowing? [2 Easiest Methods]

Snapchat is one of the popular social media apps people use these days. It is becoming popular for messaging your dear ones. Do you also use Snapchat to chat with your friends and families? Do let me know in the comments down below.

How to read snapchat messages without them knowing

These days everyone tries to read the received messages from the notifications on their mobile phones. The difference with Snapchat is the sender of the message can see when you have seen the chat message. Snapchat snaps also get deleted after viewing.

So, it can be hard to view and read messages from your phone notifications. Do you want to know how to read Snapchat messages without them knowing? It’s possible now! and we will see how to do it.

How to read Snapchat messages without them knowing?

There are 2 easy methods that you can use to read the snap messages without them knowing. We will see every method in step by step and in detail –

Method 1 – Keeping Airplane Mode On

One of the easiest and most popular methods of reading Snapchat messages without them knowing is using the Airplane mode of your smartphone.

Enabling Airplane mode in your smartphone can help you read Snapchat messages without letting them know. It involves clearing the cache of the app after reading the chat messages.

Here are the detailed steps for reading the Snapchat messages without letting them know using the airplane mode:

  1. Install the Snapchat app on your smartphone through the Google play store or Apple store.
  2. Login to your Snapchat account using your credentials
  3. Tap on the chat bar in the bottom menu and wait for all your messages to load completely.
  4. Once your messages are loaded, you can view the Tap to view chat messages. Do not tap on the chat that you want to read.
  5. You can enable the airplane mode from the notification bar.turn on airplain mode before turning opening snapchat
  6. After you switch on airplane mode, tap the chat option on your Snapchat account to read the message you want to.
  7. After reading the chat messages, make the airplane mode enabled only.
  8. Click on Settings of your smartphone and choose the apps section,
  9. Choose the Snapchat application from the available list of all the applications.
  10. Once you click on Snapchat, you will view a dedicated page for Snapchat.
  11. In the storage section of the application, you can view the option to clear cache / clear data.clear the cache of snapchat app
  12. Delete the cache data from this page for Snapchat
  13. Disable the airplane mode from your smartphone.

If you open the Snapchat app again, you will see all your messages are unread. Thus, this is how you read Snapchat messages without them knowing.

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Method 2 – Read Half Snap Messages

The airplane mode technique of reading the Snapchat messages is one of the methods used. It can be a series of steps to read the chat messages through this technique.

Another way of reading the Snapchat messages without letting them know is using the half swipe feature Snapchat. How to use this method? Here are the steps:

  1. Install Snapchat on your smartphone through Google Playstore or Apple app store.
  2. Log in to your Snapchat account through valid credentials.
  3. Slide the snap of the message you want to read to halfway only.swipe the screen to half to read snapchat messages
  4. Sliding the snap of the chat message to half can help you read the chat message. But if you slide the chat snap to the end, you will open the chat.

Tip: Be careful while sliding the snap to view the chat message.

Conclusion –

If you thought of how to read Snapchat messages without them knowing, you probably found the solution here. Reading Snapchat messages without letting the sender know is not a hard task these days.

You can use either the half slide method or the airplane mode method for reading the Snapchat messages without them knowing. Make sure to take care of the small steps while following both methods. If you avoid the steps, you may let the other person know that you have read the message. I hope you found the article helpful and have the answer to how to read Snapchat messages without them knowing.

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