???? How to play a game on one monitor and internet on the other?

How to play a game on one monitor and internet on the other

Are you a Game freak? Do you play a lot of games on your computer? Do you need to browse the internet also while playing games? If your answer is Yes, then this guide is going to be a lifesaver for you. In this guide, we will see how to play a game on one monitor and Internet on the other. We will first see how to connect two monitors to a laptop or desktop, and then we will see how to multitask using multiple monitors.

Requirements to play game on one monitor and internet on the other –

  1. You must have two monitors(obviously) that you can connect with your CPU or at least one monitor to connect to the laptop (and use the laptop’s screen as a second screen).
  2. You must know the methods to connect multiple monitors to the laptop. We have a comprehensive guide on how to connect two or more external monitors to a laptop, do read it first before going ahead with this article.
  3. Select the best-suited Adaptor or a connecting cable to get the maximum benefit of external monitor features and the CPU/laptop’s capabilities.
  4. Decide the best-suited positions for both of the laptops. For example, if your second monitor is used to browse the internet, then align it vertically and place it at the side of the wide-screen monitor, which you will use to play a game. (Again, it’s your own choice whether to place the monitor vertically or horizontally, considering space constraints.)
  5. Make sure to use the widescreen, high resolution, high refresh rate monitor for gaming and other low-resolution monitor but which you can place it vertically for browsing the internet.
  6. To place the monitor vertically, a stand is available to purchase, which can make things easy. Buy the best swivel monitor stand on amazon.
  7. Update your Windows 10 to get the latest features and bug fixes about multiple monitors connecting features.
  8. You must read the mounting guide to mount the monitor on a swivel stand for safer installation.

Once you read and fulfill the requirements mentioned above, we can now head ahead on the actual process to play a game on one monitor and internet on the other.

How to play a game on one monitor and Internet on the other?????????

considering you have a windows 10 and two monitors already connected to the laptop (using this guide) and arranged monitors as per your need, read on the step by step guide to achieve desired results –

  • Step1: Go to the start menu and open the settings.
  • Step2: From the settings page, click on the Display option.
  • Step3: Now, click on Identify button to get the assigned numbers for each monitor screen.
    identify monitors
  • Step4: Note down or remember these numbers. Suppose the gaming monitor has assigned a number 1 (monitor-1)  and the other monitor as 2 (monitor 2).
  • Step5: Now, let us consider that you want to place a gaming monitor horizontally at the middle of the table and the other monitor vertically at the right side of the 1st monitor. For this arrangement, click on the number 2 and drag it to the right side of number 1. Then click on Apply to save the changes.
    monitor arrangements for multitasking
  • Step6: Select number 1; under the “Multiple Displays” option, select “Extend these Displays“. Then select number-2 and repeat the same procedure to extend monitor 2.
    extend display to connected monitor
  • Step7: Click on the number 2 on the same settings screen, scroll down below, and then select ” Portrait ” mode under the display orientation section.
  • Step8: Then select the number 1 at the top of the display settings page, and under “Display Resolution,” select the max resolution that your gaming laptop supports.
  • Step9: To set the refresh rate, click on “Advanced display settings” and then select the name of the gaming monitor, then select the max refresh rate that the monitor supports.
    connected display resolution and refresh rate
  • Step10:  For the laptop users, you will get three numbers assigned each for an external monitor and the laptop screen. If you want to keep the laptop lid closed and only use the external monitor’s screen, you have to make any 1 screen as a primary screen to get the taskbar and desktop items on the external monitor. To get it, check the box at the “Make this my main display” option.
    select main display
  • Step11: Now, it’s all set to play a game on one monitor and the internet on the other. Open the internet browser on the main screen and then drag the window to the right to open it on monitor-2. You can now start a game on the main gaming monitor.
  • Step12: While playing a game, you can drag the cursor to the right to get it on the monitor-2, where you can easily browse the internet.

Congratulations! ???????????? You have now become an advanced-level multitasker and can use multiple monitors to increase your productivity.

Now that you have learned how to play a game on one monitor and internet on the other, you can use the same steps creatively and arrange the monitors to achieve many productivity improving scenarios.

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Some of the scenarios which you can achieve using two connected monitors –

1. For Gaming Youtuber – A game on one monitor(horizontal) and browsing on the second monitor(vertical)

2. For Gaming Youtuber – A game on one monitor(horizontal) and youtube comments on the second screen (verticle)

3. Freelance Coder – A movie on one monitor(horizontal) and Coding on the second monitor(vertical)

4. Binge Watcher – A movie on one monitor(horizontal) and the Internet on the second monitor(vertical)

5. Graphics Designer – A photo editing/Video Editing Software on one monitor(horizontal) and the Internet on second monitor.

6. Coder – Zoom meeting on the first monitor (horizontal with external front cam), or you can use your smartphone as a webcam for a computer. And coding on the second monitor(verticle).

You can find many such scenarios and improve your productivity level.

So, what’s your favorite setup, and how you achieved it? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, do let us know if you have any difficulty/queries regarding the information provided about “How to play a game on one monitor and internet on the other”.

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