How To Change Google Maps Voice? Here’s how.

How To Change Google Maps Voice

Google Maps is probably the most used maps services in the world. We trust & rely on Google maps a lot. It helps us to reach our destination easily. But it’d be more fun if Google maps is available in regional or native languages, isn’t it? So, in this post, I am going to explain you How to change Google Maps voice.

Changing Google Maps voice is pretty easy and varies from OS to OS. Like there is a different method in Android and different in iOS. I’ll share all the way possible way.

Google maps help you choose the right path. It shows whether traffic is in it or not. Google maps is pretty useful and part of our daily lives.

Why do you need to change Google Maps Voice?

Listening to Google maps’ directions in your native language gives you different kind of joy and helps you easily understand the right path you need to choose. Sometimes the accent is not understandable if you are not familiar with that particular accent. You need to listen to the direction more than once to know the direction.

You can change Google Maps language but can’t change the voice to male or female. Google maps do not allow you to do so. You can just change the language. If you want to change the accent, then this can also be done by changing the language from English(UK) to English(America). This way, you can change accent of your Google maps voice assistant.

How to change Google Maps voice in Android?

It is pretty easy to change Google Maps voice in Android. You just need to follow few steps, and you are good to go.

  • First of all, open Google maps and click on the ‘Profile Icon‘. Update your Google maps if the profile icon is not showing.
    Click on Profile Icon
  • Then click on settings.
    Click on Settings option in Google Maps
  • Scroll down and click on navigation settings.
    Click on Navigation Settings
  • Now click on voice selection and choose your desired language. You’ll find almost all the languages there. I guess you’ll find your desired one too.
    Click on Voice Selection
  • Click on the ‘play test sound‘ to check if it has changed or not. Test sound facility allows you to listen to the language you have chosen. If you don’t like the sound, you can also go back to the previous language.
    Play test Sound in google maps

If this doesn’t work for you, close the app. Go to your phone settings-apps-manage apps-search Google maps- clear data- clear cache. Now try applying these settings.

You are ready to navigate using your preferred language by following these easy steps. If you face any kind of issues while doing this, you can comment below; we will try to resolve.

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How to change Google Maps voice in iPhone?

The voice setting in iPhone is different from Android. It depends on the default language set in your iPhone. To change the voice in Google Maps, you need to change the language in iOS.

This doesn’t allow you to change or switch between many languages and voices. These choices are limited to iPhone. You can use Apple maps to change to male or female voice, or you can also change to regional languages.

If you need to change Google Maps voice in iPhone, then follow the below steps:

  • Go to settings in your iPhone.
  • Scroll down you will find General; click on that.
    Open General option in iphone
  • Now click on language and region.
    Open Language and Region in iphone
  • Then click on iPhone language.
    Select iPhone Language
  • Search language which you want to switch.
  • Click on the language and then click on change to *language name*.
  • Your iPhone screen will go blank for a few seconds. And the language of your iPhone will be changed.
  • Go back to your Google maps, and you will see that the voice of your Google maps language has been changed.

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How to change Google Maps Voice in Windows?

Google does not make any official app for Windows phones. One can use the web version of Google maps. If you have moved from Android to Windows, you will probably use Google maps. The browser version of maps works on windows phone, but only in large screen phones. To get the best use of Google maps, you need to use a third-party app. You can use GMaps+, which has data from both the windows phone’s maps and Google Maps.

After installation, you get the option to use online or offline maps. If you have already downloaded your offline maps, you can choose that, or else you can use HERE maps, Google maps, or Google Earth. There is also a 3D maps and compass mode inside this app. There is also an option for voice commands.

There is no direct option in Windows phones to change voice of maps. But you can change the language of your windows phone, and then the language of your maps will be the default language of your windows phone.

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I hope I have guided you through the complete process. Now you know How to change Google Maps Voice. Implementing these easy steps will allow you to change the voice. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Thank you.