Apple Maps to soon let you select EV charging networks, see real-time available spots in stations

Apple Maps to soon let you select EV charging networks, see real-time available spots in stations 1

The electric vehicle industry is flourishing, so it is unsurprising that Apple is now injecting some EV-dedicated features into its creations. This includes Apple Maps, which will display real-time charging availability details soon. Aside from this, the web mapping service should also allow users to set their preferred charging network in the future. All these capabilities are set to officially roll out in iOS 17 in September, which is currently in beta.

Apple’s EV-related initiatives for Apple Maps are not new. As early as 2020, the company announced the coming of EV routes on Apple Maps, allowing users to easily find paths with stops for EV charging stations. However, the support for this feature is still pretty limited even after years of Apple’s initial announcement of the support. Currently, Apple Maps EVN routing only has support for Ford Mustang Mach-E and Porsche Taycan. Nonetheless, reports say the company is now trying to work with different brands and manufacturers to bring this feature to other EVs in the future.

On a positive note, EV drivers who can access the EV routing feature in Apple Maps will get additional functions once the iOS 17 update releases in September. One includes the app’s new ability to accept EV charging networks in settings. Once available, users should be allowed to set their preferences on Apple Maps, ranging from Electrify America and ChargePoint to the Tesla Supercharger network and more.

The setting also leads to another new experience on Apple Maps, which will show you charging station availability information in real-time. For example, if you choose the Supercharger network, Apple Maps will now show you the number of available charger spots in a station alongside the chargers currently being used. Also, the app will only show you the stations that can cater to your EV’s charging connectors.

In related news, Apple Maps is also getting a new capability to download specific regions of a map for offline use. When downloaded, it will include all the essential details to be able to show them to you even when you go offline. For instance, opening the map should still show you the nearby places, estimated time of arrival, and travel directions (driving, walking, cycling, and public transit). You can even zoom in on the areas and see them on your paired Apple Watch. 

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