‘Journal’ app will use Apple’s on-device machine learning

‘Journal’ app will use Apple’s on-device machine learning 1

iPhone users will soon be able to have a dedicated journaling app on their devices when the new iOS 17 update arrives. It isn’t like any other conventional note app, though, as it will use machine learning (ML) to provide suggestions specifically tailored for the device’s user.

Currently, many iPhone users are relying on third-party journaling apps to record their day-to-day activities and experiences. Others resort to Notes, but it offers very limited features that will aid users in composing their entries. As such, Apple has decided to introduce a new journaling app called “Journal” in iOS 17, which is expected to officially release in September.

While the app might initially sound plain and unnecessary to some, Apple has found a way to make Journal unique compared to other journaling apps. According to Apple, the app will employ an on-device ML, which will allow it to provide suggestions for your journaling entries. With this, it can use different data on your device, including music and location, to suggest topics you can discuss in your journal. This means if you use your iPhone during a trip, Journal will likely recommend this detail as part of your journal entry. Nonetheless, it is important to note that users still have control over these suggestions and what file suggestions to include in their journals.

Moreover, although Jounral will use the device data for recommendations, Apple wants to stress that this data will remain local and won’t leave the device. As mentioned above, the suggestion will be generated via on-device processing. Also, the Journal data will be end-to-end encrypted, and there’s also an option to lock the app.

The Journal app will also include a notification system, so you’ll be reminded when to write your journal for the day. You also have the option to customize this setting by adding the notification schedule.

The app will be a part of iOS 17. Apple Developer Program members with devices eligible for the update can now get the developer beta of iOS 17, while others can expect the public beta availability next month. Meanwhile, the official release of the update is expected this fall.