Download Realme TV Remote App for free – How to control android TV using phone?

Realme TV remote app download

Smart TVs are now Android-powered! Your wall-mounted TV can now be controlled by your phone also. It doesn’t require an IR blaster on your phone, which means you can also control your TV over WiFi connected to the same network on YV and phone. Realme TVs are Android certified and can be controlled over the phone using android remote apps available on the Play Store and App Store. In this guide, we will see how to use Realme tv remote App and how to download Realme tv remote App for free. We will also see how to control android TV using phone.

Methods to control Realme TV using Phone –

There are numerous apps available on the internet which claim to be a remote control for your tv but won’t support every tv. The same case for Realme Tv. Despite having an Android TV, many apps won’t list your Realme TV in their supported TVs list.

Download Realme TV remote App with – Wifi connection and IR blaster

There are two methods available to control TV using the phone –

  1. Using Wifi Connection – Your phone and TV should be connected to a Wifi network. May users will be looking at an app that uses this feature.
  2. Using IR Blaster on the phone – Many smartphone brands provide IR blaster on their phones, especially Xiaomi/Mi phones. You can use the IR blaster to control your Realme TV.

We will see Remote Control App for Android as well as iPhone devices. We will see the methods which don’t require an IR blaster on your phone. For Xiaomi/MI phone users, we will also view the App to use your IR blaster.

Download free Realme TV remote App for ANDROID ????

We have researched and found three apps effective on android Phone for your Realme TV.

App1 – Goolge Play Movies and TV app – Free Realme tv remote app

Google TV app is provided by Google and comes preinstalled on many phones. You can use this App to control your Android TV. As Realme TV is android certified, this App is fully supported on your TV. You will need a WIfi connection, and both TV and Phone should be connected to the same Wifi network.

Install Google Movies and TV app for Android

  • Step1: Go to Playstore and Search Google TV, Install the App and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Step2: Open the App and then allow the required permissions.
  • Step3: Now, open your control center by swiping down from the top OR swiping up from the bottom.
  • Step4: Click on Edit icons and add the ‘Remote’ option.
  • Step5: Now, tap on the remote option on the control center to open the remote control.
  • Step6: The App will search for available TVs connected to the same wifi network.
  • Step7: You have to authorize the connection by entering the Code Displayed on the TV screen.
  • Step8: Now, you can control your TV using the button given on the virtual remote. The most common buttons are the four-way direction button, center button, back button, home button, and Google Assistant button. You can also get the Power ON/OFF button and Volume UP/DOWN button on the Realme TV remote App.

Here are some Control buttons available on the Android TV remote

Google TV remote app
  1. Four-way direction button
  2. Center button/OK button/Play Pause button.
  3. Back button
  4. Home button
  5. Google Assistant button
  6. Volume UP button
  7. Volume Down button
  8. Mute Button

App2 – Zank Remote – Realme TV remote App free

This is the most installed comprehensive Remote App used by android users. You have to install a companion app on your TV to help detect your TV on your phone.

Install Zank TV Remote

  • Step1: First of all, enable the ‘Developer Options‘ in your Android TV.
  • Step2: Go to the developer option and turn on the USB debugging option.
  • Step3: Now, go to the play store and search Android Box Remote.
  • Step4: Install the App on your TV and open it.
  • Step5: Now, enable display over other apps ( Apps – special app access – display over other apps).
    enable display over other apps
  • Step6: Also, enable Accessibility settings ( Device Preferences – Accessibility – Android Box Remote – Enable).
    enable accessibility for android box remote app
  • Step7: Allow the USB debugging permission by clicking on Allow button.
  • Step8: Now your TV is ready to be controlled by Android Phone.
  • Step9: From your phone, Install Zank App from Playstore.
  • Step10: Then click on Allow button to allow required permissions.
  • Step11: Now, click on Search Icon at the remote screen, as shown on the below image.
    click on search icon on zant tv app
  • Step12: The App will search for available TV connected to the same wifi network.
    select tv in zank app
  • Step13: Click on the TV name Name shown on the reach results.
  • Step14: Pairing is now completed! You can now control your TV from the Zank remote app.

Here are some control buttons are given on the App

zank tv remote app for android
    1. Four-way direction button
    2. Center button/OK button.
    3. Back button, Play/Pause button
    4. Home button
    5. Keyboard for typing
    6. Mouse Mode
    7. TouchPad mode
    8. Power ON/OFF button
    9. Volume UP/Down button
    10. Copy Paste button
    11. Google Assistant
    12. Screen Cast

App 3– Realme TV remote app free – Mi remote App (For MI phone users having IR blaster)

Mi users can use the preinstalled Mi remote app to control their Android TV using an IR blaster. You will not find the Realme TV in the TVs list on the Mi remote app, but you can use the different tv models and try pairing it with your tv; it will work as many brands use the same frequency for their remotes. I tried Videocon TV, and it is working perfectly with my Realme TV.

  • Step1: On the Remote App, click on Add icon from the main screen.
  • Step2: Select the TV brand from the list.
  • Step3: If your TV is ON, select the ON button.
  • Step4: Now, the App asks you to press the Mute button. Point your phone towards the TV and press the mute button.
  • Step5: If the TV volume gets muted, press the Yes button. Else, press the No button.
  • Step6: Try with another mute option till your TV gets muted.
  • Step7: The App will ask you such different controls if they work, and you will be paired with the best combination.
  • Step8: Once the pairing is completed, you can now use your remote to control your Realme TV.

Here are some control buttons are given on the App

Mi remote app
    1. Four-way direction button.
    2. Center button/OK button.
    3. Back button.
    4. Home button.
    5. Volume UP/DOWN button.
    6. Mute button.
    7. Dial Pad for number dialing.
    8. Power ON/OFF button.

B] Download Realme TV remote App on iPhone ????

We have found one helpful App for your iPhone which can control Realme TV.

The App name is – Universal Remote TV smart. The App is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad for free of cost.

Download Universal Remote TV smart for iPhone/iPad

  • Step1: Install the App on your iPhone and open it.
  • Step2: Make user your TV and iPhone are connected to the same wifi network.
  • Step3: Now, the App will search for the available TVs and show you the TV name.
  • Step4: Click on the TV name and then allow the pairing by accepting the request on your TV.
  • Step5: Done; you can now control the TV using your iPhone.

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Summary –

In this guide, we have seen methods to control your realme TV using remote control apps. If your physical remote gets damaged, you may use these realme TV remote app for free to control it. If you have any doubt/queries regarding the information provided in the article, let us know in the comment section below.