How to transfer files from android to pc wireless? [2 simplest methods]

How to transfer files from android to pc wireless

Gone are the days when you want to transfer files from Android to PC, and you have to find a data cable and connect it to PC and send files from Android to pc. Nowadays, you can do this task without any USB cable. In this guide, we will see how to transfer files from Android to PC wireless without needing any USB cable or internet.

Requirements to transfer files from Android to PC wireless –

  1. A Wifi Router that can be connected to a PC and Android Phone.
  2. Both PC and Android phones should be connected to the same wifi network.
  3. A Bluetooth functionality on both PC and Android would be added advantage.

How to transfer files from Android to PC wireless?

We will see two easy methods that don’t need an Internet connection –

  1. Using Wifi Router
  2. Using Bluetooth

Method1 – How to transfer files from PC to Android wireless using ShareMe app?

Numerous apps are available on Playstore to share files wirelessly from Android to PC and vice-versa. We will see the most popular and stable app available on Playstore – Shareme. The app comes pre-installed on Xiaomi, redmi devices. The app is also available on the Play store of all other devices for free.

Download ShareMe app for Android

Once you have downloaded the app, you can follow these instructions to send files from Android to PC wireless –

Pro Tip – The files are transferred locally which don’t require an internet connection on Wifi Router (WAN)

  • STEP1: Open ShareME app on your android phone.
  • STEP2: Allow all the permission required by the app (Obviously, the app will require Storage, Wifi, and Location Permission).
  • STEP3: On the homepage, tap on the hamburger menu icon to open more options.
  • STEP4: Then select the ‘Share to PC‘ option.
    select share to pc option in shareme app
  • STEP5: On the next screen, select the same wifi network and connect both PC and phone.
  • STEP6: Now, turn on Bluetooth and Location by going to respective settings page on your phone.
    turn on bluetooth and location in shareme app
  • STEP7: Select connection type as Portable OR Password-Protected depending upon your choice.
    sleect connection type as portable or secure
  • STEP8: Select Storage option s Internal Storage OR external Storage.
  • STEP9: The screen will display a URL that you need to open into your PC file manager.
    ftp password in shareme
  • STEP10: Open the file manager on your PC and type the shown URL. (Make sure you have connected to the same wifi network).
    type ftp password in file manager
  • STEP11: All your folders are now shown in the file manager.
  • STEP12: You can now browse the files you want to copy and paste into computer storage.
  • STEP13: The transfer speed depends upon the router’s upload speed and wifi type.
  • STEP14: The file will be saved to your desired location, which you can open at any time.

Tip – Please stay on the sharing page on Android until the transfer is complete. If you go back from sharing screen, the connection will be lost.

On the secure network, you need to enter the password set by you on Android.

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Method 2 – How to transfer files from Android to pc wireless using Bluetooth?

If the file size is small and the data cable is not around, you may use Bluetooth to transfer files. Bluetooth sharing doesn’t need any internet connection or network or any data cable. It uses good old Bluetooth technology to transfer files from Android to PC wireless.

  • STEP1: Select the file you want to transfer and tap on the Share option.
  • STEP2: Then select the Bluetooth option from the share menu.
  • STEP3: Now, turn on the Bluetooth, and your phone starts sharing the available Bluetooth devices.
  • STEP4: Now, turn on Bluetooth on your PC and go to the Bluetooth option from settings.
  • STEP5: Select the ‘Add Bluetooth device‘ option and start searching Bluetooth devices.
    click on add bluetooth device in settings
  • STEP6: You can see your Android phone name in the search list. (make sure that discoverability is On in your android phone)
    select android device to pair with pc using bluetooth
  • STEP7: Click on the phone name to pair it with the PC.
    confirm the auth code to connect with bluetooth
  • STEP8: The PC will ask you for an authentication code which you need to confirm on your Android Phone.
  • STEP9: Once the pairing is complete, select the device from the Bluetooth devices menu and send the file from the Android phone to the PC.
    select device to pair with phone via bluetooth
  • STEP10: The file will be saved to the Downloads folder in the C drive.

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You don’t need a data cable to transfer files from your android device to PC. In this article, we have seen two simplest methods on how to transfer files from Android to pc wireless that doesn’t require an internet connection and data cable. If you have any queries/doubts regarding the information provided in the article, you can write to us in the comment section below.