How to share WiFi Password from Mac to iPhone?

If you are a big fan of Apple devices, then using multiple devices of apple is a must. And if you have their main gadgets, the iPhone and Mac, then one must learn how to share WiFi Password from Mac to iPhone and vice versa.

How to share WiFi Password from Mac to iPhone

And indeed, it is not a very difficult thing to do that. You can simply give a quick read to this article, and you will get to know everything related to password sharing between your Mac and iPhone.

So without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Things needed to share Wi-Fi Password from Mac to iPhone

Here, if you find a method to connect your Mac’s Wi-Fi to your iPhone, you need to follow the given steps. But before that, you need to fulfill these conditions-

  1. You need to disable the personal hotspot for both Mac and iPhone.
  2. Your Mac and iPhone should have the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features.
  3. To use the Wi-Fi feature, you need to have macOS high Sierra or a model above.
  4. You must save and store the Apple ID details in your other device’s contact app.
  5. Both your devices should be up to date as per the latest updates.

How to share WiFi Password from Mac to iPhone?

It is really a straightforward step to share your Wi-Fi password from your mad to your iPhone. And to know the same, follow the given steps. However, first, you need to ensure that your Mac is well connected to Wi-Fi and you have the other person’s Apple ID with you.

  1. First, you need to keep your iPhone closer to your mac device.
  2. Use your iPhone and go to Settings.
  3. Click on Wi-Fi.
  4. Go to the network you want to join.
  5. Use your mac device, and tap on the Wi-Fi password box.
  6. Tap Share.
  7. Now your password is shared to your iPhone.

How to share Wi-Fi from Mac to iPhone?

Now let us read the method that will let you share your Wi-Fi from Mac to iPhone. If you have a USB cable, it can be done through a physical connection. However, if you aren’t able to do it in such a way, you can follow the given method-

  1. First, open your Mac and click on the Apple icon.
  2. Now click on system preferences.
  3. Click on sharing.
  4. Navigate to internet sharing.
  5. Click on the iPhone USB port.
  6. Now plug your iPhone into the USB socket of your MacBook and share the connection.

How to know if your Mac and iPhone are updated or not?

As mentioned, it is important to have your iPhone and MacBook updated for sharing the Wi-Fi password. Here, we are sharing the method that will let you know if your iPhone and Mac are updated or not.

For Mac –

  • First, go to the Apple menu and tap on system preferences.
  • Now tap on the Software Update button.
  • Now, if your device requires an update, you will find the update now button. Tap on the button and follow the instructions until the process is completed.
  • If the device says it has already updated these updates, then your Mac is already updated, and it’s done.

For iPhone –

  • First, open the home screen of your iPhone and tap on settings.
  • Now tap on the Software update button.
  • Just in case the update option is available, tap on it and follow the given instructions and update your iPhone.
  • Also, ensure that you reboot your device so that the software can perform all the changes.
  • If it says it has already been updated, then you do not need to update it anymore.


How to share Wi-Fi password from iPhone to iPhone?

It is possible to share your Wi-Fi password from one iPhone to another. For that, you need to turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both of your devices and place them to each other. Now connect the Wi-Fi on your main device and choose the same network to another device from your settings. The sharing message will appear on your main device, and then tap on the share password, and it will be shared to the other device.

How to airdrop a Wi-Fi password from Mac to iPhone?

Well, it is not possible to airdrop the Wi-Fi password between your iPhone and MacBook. However, what you can do is to share the website's password that you have saved in your iCloud keychain via airdrop through the browser.

Wrapping up,

These were the given methods to know how to share WiFi Password from Mac to iPhone or vice versa. We have shared all the given methods and tips that would make it easier for you without any hassles. If you have a question or query, you can comment and let us know.

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