How to get Android P features on any android Smartphone/Tablet without Root

How to get Android P features on any android

Google android latest version Android Pie with version number 9.0 is having some good features that everyone wants to try. However, Android Pie is not available for every device as of now, it may come to your device later if your device’s company provides it. But, if you want to try Android P features on your device right now, then this post is for you. This article explains how to get android P features on any android phone. You can experience the many features of Android P features on your Oreo, Lollipop or any lower version of Android smartphone.

How to get Android P features on any Android Smartphone

Here is a Video guide on Top 7 Android Pie features that you can get on any phone

We now see how to get an android P feature one by one.

1. Get Android P like Notification Bar

Android P notification slider and notification is now revamped and looks cooler now. The circled toggles and colour shadows make it beautiful.

To get Android P notification bar, you have to download an App called Power Shade.

This app is customizable and you can customize the colors, toggle options and shape of the toggles. The app is free and you can download on your phone right now from bellow download button.

Download Power Shade

2. Android P launcher

get android p features on any android

The launcher is the most common feature we use on our phone. Android P launcher is also an enhanced version than the previous version of the android oreo.

An apk file of modded android P launcher is available to download on an older version of Android phones.

Download Android P launcher

3. Smart Replies

get android p features on any android

Android P makes life easier by showing smart reply suggestion right below the notification. You can reply instantly from the notification area itself without opening the respective app.

This Android P feature on any Android smartphone can be used to any oreo device using Reply app. You can download the apk file of the app and your notifications are converted into smart notifications.

This Reply app exactly does the same job as Android P smart replies. Download the app and log in with your Google account to start the smart replies feature.

Download Reply App apk

4. Screenshot Markup (Edit screenshots natively)

get android p features on any android

One the major update in Android Pie is the inclusion of native screenshot editor feature. Once you take a screenshot, you will get edit option through which you can add some text, highlight with colours, etc to make it more descriptive.

A Screenshot Markup app does the same job on any Android phone. Just download the apk of Markup App and when you take a screenshot, press Share option from the notification bar and select Markup app to edit the screenshot.

Download Screenshot Markup APK

5. Android P navigation Gesture

One of the great features of the Android P is navigation gestures. A single Pill at the centre can be used to go back, open recent, go home, open Google assistant.

You can get this feature on your smartphone right now with just an App. The pp is named as Navigation Gestures – Swipe Gesture Controls!

This app is developed by XDA developers and work great and exactly the same way as android P gesture navigation.

Download the app and allow the required permissions. you can now see an Android P like Pill at the center of the screen. But the problem is your old navigation bar is still available at the bottom of the screen.

Download Navigation Gestures App

To hide the existing navigation bar, just follow this video guide made by XDA. Also, remember that this won’t require root access and your phones warranty will not void.

6. Android P Volume slider

get android p features on any android

A revamped volume slider on Android P looks more materialistic and easy to use.

You can download the modded app extracted from the pixel device to use this android P feature on any android device.

Just download Android P Volume Slider Apk and allow the required permission to replace your current volume slider with the Android P volume slider.

Download Android P volume slider APK

7. Rotation Suggestion

get android p features on any android

Android P includes the rotation suggestion with Android P. Whenever the Auto-rotate setting is turned off, and you change the orientation of the screen, the small icon suggesting to change the orientation appears at the corner of the screen.

This feature comes in handy and saves time and annoyance to actually pull down the notification area and enable auto-rotate.

You can download an App available on the play store that does the same job and you can get these android P features on any android phone.

Just download the app and give the required permissions to enable rotation suggestions. You can customize the icon position, size, and duration of the icon to show after you rotate the screen.

Download Android P rotation suggest App


Android P makes more useful changes than just cosmetic visual changes. All features are actually useful and make life easier. With all these features mentioned above, you will get a feel of the Android P features on any android phone.