How to adjust brightness on external monitor in windows 10

How to adjust brightness on external monitor in windows 10

Windows 10 has a feature to adjust brightness of the screen using a slider or keyboard buttons. But when it comes to external monitor, this feature won’t work, and the brightness slider is grayed out. If you are using an extended monitor or External monitor and a laptop screen, it becomes challenging to adjust the screen brightness. Fortunately, some third-party apps let you adjust brightness on external monitor in windows 10. In this article, we will see how to adjust brightness on external monitor in Windows 10 in an easy and step-by-step method.

Scenarios where you may want to adjust brightness on external monitor

You are using the external monitor at night, and it’s very bright that harms your eyes. Another scenario is that you are using a Software/App/website with a bright white screen on your external monitor; in this case, you should adjust screen brightness.

Many people prefer to adjust brightness according to time of day by changing it manually. But external monitor’s brightness can’t be controlled by the slider in the action center. So here are the methods to get your job done –

How to adjust brightness on external monitor in windows 10

There are various methods to adjust brightness on external monitor –

Method 1 – Adjust the brightness using Monitor Buttons

Every External monitor cones with the control buttons or joystick. You can control the brightness of the monitor screen by navigating to the settings of the monitor screen.

For my LG monitor, you can see the Brightness slider under the Quick Settings option. Similarly, you can navigate to the brightness option under the Picture setting.

use monitor buttons to adjust its brightness

Adjust the brightness as per preference and select Ok by pressing the middle button of the joystick.

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Method 2 – How to adjust brightness on external monitor using Monitorian App

If you don’t want to use the monitor’s buttons or can’t reach the buttons every time, then there is an app called Monitorian which lets you adjust brightness on the external monitor using Mouse. The free version of the Monitorian supports up to a maximum of 4 monitors, which should be good enough for most users.

The app also supports monitors that have DDC/CI compatibility. If the app is not recognizing your external monitor, make sure that DDC/CI has enabled on your monitor.

  1. Download the Monitorian App from the windows store. The app is free to install. –
  2. Once the installation is completed, you can open the app from the Start menu.
  3. The app automatically detects the external monitor and shows the slider to adjust brightness.
  4. You can drag the slider right to increase the brightness and to the left to lower the brightness.
    adjust brightness using monitorian app
  5. To autorun the app every time you boot into the system, right-click on the icon and tick mark the option “Start on sign-in.”
    click on start on sign in to run monitorian app on each boot
  6. You can also adjust brightness simultaneously on all the monitors connected to the laptop screen. To do those, you can enable the “Enable moving in unison” option.

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Method 3 – Use Dimmer App to control brightness on External monitor in windows 10

Dimmer is also free software for controlling the brightness on your laptop and connected monitors individually.

  1. Download the dimmer app on your computer from this link –
  2. There is no need to install the app; click on the .exe package to launch the software.
  3. Once the tool gets launched, you can drag the slider up and down to adjust the monitor’s brightness very easily.
  4. To auto-run the app each time you boot into the system, tick mark in front of the “Auto Run(after user logon)” option.
    click on autorun to run dimmer app on each boot

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Controlling brightness on external monitor is now never easy. We have seen the two best apps to control the brightness using the slider. You can also use the monitor’s buttons to navigate to the brightness settings. Let us know your way to adjust brightness on external monitor in Windows 10 laptop/computer in the comment section below.