When Do You Need a Dedicated Server for Your Website?

When Do You Need a Dedicated Server for Your Website? 1

Maybe your website is experiencing a surge in traffic, or you’re expecting one in the near future. You’re considering upgrading to a dedicated server. This server type features strong security and affects page loading time positively.   

What is a Dedicated Server? 

If you opt for dedicated server hosting, your website will have its own server. This gives you immense flexibility and power – at a price, of course. 

Reasons to Get a Dedicated Server 

Should you take the leap to this powerful server plan? Here are a few reasons in favor of such a decision. 

Handle an increase in traffic

If you expect an increase in traffic and this happens while you’re still on shared hosting, you will see your site’s performance plummet. This will be evidenced in higher bounce rates and loss of revenue. 

It’s shrewd to make some time for migrating your site before facing potential problems. 

If you’re running a promotion or have planned a special event, your site should be prepared for a traffic spike of up to 30 times more than normal. It could crash if you’re not ready for the surge. 

Ensure optimal page loading times

Slow loading time leads to high bounce rates and low engagement. If you opt for a dedicated server, you’ll optimize this aspect of your website.

You can do nothing when another site on a shared server is using up resources, which harms your own website’s performance. Those who choose dedicated servers always have the bandwidth they need to enhance page loading times.

You want to be in charge of security

While every website needs to be secure, this goes triple for those handling sensitive data. This could include credit card numbers, confidential emails, or other sensitive client information. You must protect this data and your website from hackers, viruses, malware, phishing, and other risks. Damage can be irreversible. 

A dedicated server will put you or your IT expert in full control of your site’s security. This makes it possible to select any features you need for your site’s specific requirements and stored files and tweak them. You have complete freedom and can implement these features any way you see fit. 

Some website hosting companies offer managed hosting plans, while others have the option of an unmanaged plan. Most have both options. Keep in mind that you need a great deal of technical expertise to manage the server all by yourself. You can hire a professional, but that will exacerbate costs. This might not be viable in addition to what you’re paying for dedicated hosting, which doesn’t come cheap. Read on to find out how much it will cost you. 

You want control over your server 

Before getting to the price, one more reason to opt for a dedicated server. The reason is simple: control. Dedicated hosting gives you full control over the usage of your server. 

You can choose the server software, install your own OS, and adjust hardware specifications. Advanced users and people with unique and specific requirements will find this type of hosting very appealing. 

How much does it cost?

A dedicated server for a small business costs $100 to $200/month on average. It’s possible to get a cloud server for as little as $5/month, but you can’t expect sufficient resources for less than $50/month. A small business can expect to pay $1000-$3000 for a server. 

The exact price depends on how much resources you will need. They include CPU, disk space, bandwidth, and memory. However, there are other things to take into account, such as the hard drive type the server uses, RAID, and DDoS protection.